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Category: Emotional Wellbeing

An elderly man shrugs in frustration from having to deal with elder fraud.

October 10, 2023 - Emotional Wellbeing

8 Common Senior Citizen Scams: What They Are and How to Avoid Them

Elder fraud is an increasingly common hazard among today’s seniors. Learn more about common senior citizen scams and what you can do to avoid them.

An older woman enjoying snuggles with her dog – one of the many benefits of pets for seniors.

July 28, 2023 - Emotional Wellbeing

Best Pets for Seniors: 5 Great Companions for Older Adults

Interested in becoming a pet owner during your retirement? Learn more about the benefits of pet ownership for retirees and the top 5 best pets for seniors.

Depressed senior woman being comforted by her daughter.

May 30, 2023 - Emotional Wellbeing

Senior Depression: What Causes it and How to Help

Depression in seniors is more common than you think. Learn what senior depression looks like and what you can do to support your loved one.

An isolated senior sitting in a chair and looking out the window.

May 1, 2023 - Emotional Wellbeing

Social Isolation in Seniors: What it is and How to Combat it

Social isolation in seniors can pose serious health risks to your loved one. Learn more about how you can take steps to prevent loneliness and isolation.

A senior reading as one of her senior winter activities.

February 13, 2023 - Emotional Wellbeing

7 Fun Winter Activities for Seniors

The winter can be a very isolating time for seniors. Find out what you can do to have fun and stay active during the winter season.

A happy woman holding her mother after taking steps to alleviate caregiver burnout and stress.

February 2, 2023 - Emotional Wellbeing

Caregiver Burnout: How to Stay Emotionally Well

Being a caregiver is an important, yet stressful responsibility. Find out what you can do to avoid burnout when you’re taking care of your loved ones.

A man cooking with his dad as a fun thing to do with his elderly parents.

January 31, 2023 - Emotional Wellbeing

Staying Social with Your Senior: Fun Things To Do With Elderly Parents

Spending time with your loved ones can help prevent feelings of loneliness and isolation. Here are seven fun ways to stay social with your aging parents.

A caregiver talking to an elderly parent who refused help.

January 24, 2023 - Emotional Wellbeing

How to Talk to Elderly Parents About Accepting Help

Elderly parents can resist help for a variety of reasons. Find out the best ways to approach your aging parents about accepting the help they need.

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