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Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Our success depends on attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. The organization’s ability to value individual voices and experiences result in creative and innovative decision making and stakeholder satisfaction in an increasingly diverse senior market.

Our Vision for Diversity and Inclusion

All people are attracted to work for, live in and be served by National Church Residences because we are a Christian organization and a leader in our field in the area of diversity and inclusion.

Mission: We are driven by a deep sense that our work should serve God and always produce good for others.

Compassion: We truly care about people and seek to treat each resident, employee and neighbor with dignity, respect and fairness.

Professionalism: We strive to be excellent at what we do and to be sound managers of resources with solid, ethical business practices.

Leadership: We will be leaders in our field: setting a good example for others, visionary, growing, inclusive and constantly improving.

At National Church Residences, diversity and inclusion means that we love, respect and value everyone.

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