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Staying Social with Your Senior: Fun Things To Do With Elderly Parents

Emotional Wellbeing | January 31, 2023

A man cooking with his dad as a fun thing to do with his elderly parents.

The golden years should be a time for people to relax, be social, and enjoy life after decades of hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, some seniors have trouble staying social.

According to the CDC, nearly a quarter of people age 65 and older are considered socially isolated, and even more than that feel lonely. This loneliness is especially prevalent if older adults live by themselves, don’t have many friends or family who live nearby, or aren’t as capable of leaving the house as in the past.

It’s essential for people to stay social as they get older, which is why it’s time to plan out some fun activities with your elderly parents or other aging loved ones. Here are some great ways that you and your seniors can spend some quality time together.

Eight Ways to Stay Social With Your Aging Loved Ones

Play games

If game night was a family tradition when you were growing up, why not bring it back? Games are not only a fun thing to do with elderly parents, but also a great tool to help them keep their minds sharp as they age.

The exact games you play can all depend on everyone’s preferences and your senior’s level of mobility. Everything from board games with a big group of people to jigsaw puzzles with just the two of you is a lot of fun, so try out some different activities to find out which games are the best for everyone.

Read together

Fun activities don’t always have to involve a lot of talking. Sometimes reading in the same room together can help seniors enjoy your company while being engrossed in a good book.

You could even try and join a book club together with some family members or friends. That way you can take reading to the next level and enjoy a good discussion about just what everyone thought of a new book.

Watch a movie

If books aren’t going to cut it, it might be time to start a movie night. This is a great activity for seniors who may have trouble reading fine print these days, but love a good story. Pick out a few good films that suit both your tastes, whether that calls for Gone With the Wind or The Hunger Games, and enjoy an evening of movie magic.

Get some exercise

While reading and watching movies is great, it’s also good to address both mental and physical stimulation. Exercising with aging parents is a great way to help them stay active while spending some time together. You’ll need to adjust the physical activities to suit your loved ones, but even a short walk or some lightweight training can make a major difference.

Eat together

Food is an important foundation for many families, so something as simple as sharing a meal can make lonely seniors feel welcome. Try to make a point to have regular breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with your loved ones. Those little traditions can go a long way toward making seniors feel less lonely.

In addition to going out to eat, cooking is another fun thing to do with elderly parents. Try tackling a special family recipe or a beloved meal to relive some good times from the past. You can always try out a new recipe to spark something exciting.

Go visit something

When seniors live alone, getting out of the house can literally give them a breath of fresh air. Try taking your loved ones to some new and exciting places so that they can spend time somewhere outside of their usual spaces.

These locations can vary from nearby parks to local museums. If they’re physically capable of it, consider taking your elderly parents on family trips so that they can be with their family and make new memories with everyone.

Take a class

Even an aging parent can learn some new tricks. There are several classes that you and your loved ones can take. While some are suited for seniors, others are open opportunities for anyone interested in learning something new.

The exact class you take depends on what your elderly parent thinks would be fun. Some seniors may enjoy taking dance classes, while others may want to take a cooking class. Try and find something that excites your loved one and give it a go – the mental activity and time spent together are well worth it.

Help Your Loved Ones Stay Social

Everyone deserves to be happy. Sometimes that means planning out some extra time to spend with your loved ones. Of course, taking the time to do fun things with your elderly parents is just one part of being a family caregiver. Trying to determine the right senior living solution? National Church Residences takes an individual approach to support seniors and help them live a healthier, more satisfying lifestyle. Find out which senior living options are in your area or give us a call at 844-465-6063 to talk to one of our friendly staff members today.

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