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Top Senior Living Amenities to Consider When Choosing a Retirement Community

Housing | October 10, 2023

A group of senior men tending to a garden – one of the senior living amenities in their community.

As many seniors age and near their retirement years, their lifestyle needs begin to change. They have worked hard throughout their younger years and are ready to enjoy their retirement and all the perks that come with it. For many older adults in search of an ideal senior living lifestyle, this means finding a retirement community that goes beyond meeting their basic needs – delivering enhanced comfort, convenience, and a wide array of desirable amenities.

Today’s seniors have many different community housing options to choose from – with many senior living communities offering a wide variety of resort-style amenities that are meant to help residents maintain an active and fulfilling retirement. Finding a community that matches your lifestyle needs is critical to ensure a long, happy, and healthy retirement. 

Let’s break down a few of the top senior living amenities to look for as you choose the best senior care option for you.

Top Senior Living Amenities

When considering the features of any retirement community, seniors need to be aware of each element and how it will impact their day-to-day life. While the options available today are nearly limitless, we listed out a few of the top amenities seniors are looking for at potential senior living communities:

Health and Wellness Facilities

Most senior living communities understand the importance of staying healthy and active – providing a variety of different health and wellness options to their residents. Staying active is a vital part of any healthy senior lifestyle and should be something to consider when determining the best senior living community for you. Options to consider include: 

  • Wellness centers
  • Hiking/Walking trails
  • Swimming pools
  • Group exercise classes

These are all excellent amenities for seniors to take advantage of to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Dining Options

You have worked hard to make the most out of your golden years – that includes having access to a wide variety of delicious and nutritious dining options. Food is a crucial part of our lives and cultures – so it’s important to find a senior living community that prioritizes mealtimes. 

While a single bistro or dining room may cover the basic dining needs of most residents, communities that have additional offerings such as a café or deli-style marketplaces are a welcome addition – allowing for more choices to meet individual preferences.

Green Spaces & Outdoor Areas

Whether you love spending time in the garden or just like to relax outside on the porch, well maintained green spaces offer seniors the chance to enjoy their favorite outdoor hobbies throughout their retirement. Top amenities such as gardens, walking/hiking trails, and patio areas offer more than just a pretty view—they can also help improve your mood and mental health. 

Keep an eye out for these spaces when touring potential senior living communities if these amenities are right for your lifestyle needs.

Custom Accommodations 

Senior living communities can differ greatly in their layout and design. Certain communities accommodate all residents in one main building with apartments and common spaces housed under one roof, while other communities are designed to replicate a campus or resort. When selecting the right community for you, it’s critical to determine which type of accommodation fits your lifestyle needs. While some prefer a spacious apartment just down the hall from friends and gathering spaces, other seniors may enjoy the privacy of a small home in a neighborhood setting.

Salon & Spas

While not as commonplace as traditional amenities like wellness centers and recreational spaces, the convenience and luxury of on-site spas, barber shops, and beauty salons are welcome additions to any retirement community. These amenities may seem unnecessary to some, while many seniors come to appreciate the ease and simplicity of starting their day at the spa or by getting a fresh haircut or styling.

With these amenities catering solely to residents of the senior living community, seniors can easily book appointments and quickly make personal connections with the staff.

Craft Spaces

Many seniors find that retirement is the ideal opportunity to spend more time on a beloved hobby or finally learn a new skill. If this amenity sounds right for you, consider an independent living community with spaces dedicated to artistic recreation, craftsmanship, and other creative passions. 

Art studios and classes, workshops, and on-site theaters empower residents to pursue their own creativity and make connections with fellow artisans and industry professionals.

Entertainment Rooms

While visiting potential senior living communities, keep in mind opportunities for entertainment. Many retirement communities offer entertainment rooms that include exciting options such as billiards, board games, or even a movie theater. Additionally, many communities incorporate recreational programs for residents to experience new things, such as cooking classes, comedy nights, and concerts.

Social Spaces

Socializing is increasingly important as we age. Seniors that are interested in maintaining or improving their social life should seek out communities that offer a variety of engaging activities, including:

  • Group outings
  • Entertainment activities
  • Craft classes
  • Outdoor gathering spaces
  • Group dining

One of the major benefits of living in a senior community is that it combats loneliness, so 

consider whether a community offers comfortable spaces to enjoy the company of friends as well as creates opportunities to meet new people and foster an active social life.

Find the Right Retirement Community for Your Lifestyle

Determining which senior living amenities are important to you is a critical early step in the decision to seek senior care. Consider how you plan to spend your time once you move and decide from there which communities and amenities will help you reach your goals. With thousands of communities to explore in your region, narrowing them down can be a complex task. That’s where National Church Residences comes in.

National Church Residences offers quality senior living options around the country that can help you live out your ideal lifestyle. Use our online community finder to find a retirement community that’s right for you.

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