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Manager’s Guide for Employee Recognition

We all like to be recognized for the contributions that we make to our organization.  How recognition is accomplished and how it’s received is different for every employee.  Some employees appreciate public recognition during meetings and conferences while others prefer more private efforts such as an email or a thank you card.  Some employees are motivated by small tokens of appreciation such as lunch or treats while others might appreciation time off, a high five or a meaningful chat with his/her manager.

Whatever recognition looks like, it’s our job to figure out what forms of acknowledgment or praise our team members want to help them feel and stay engaged in the workplace.

The results of our recent employee engagement survey showed that communication and recognition plays a huge role in employee engagement and satisfaction.  Employees who feel a strong connection to their organization and to their individual teams are more satisfied in their workplace.  Helping employees stay engaged can be a challenge for managers and supervisors. Below are some links and quick ideas to get your thoughts flowing and to help you focus on creative ways to show appreciation to your staff – all throughout the year.

Remember, showing gratitude is not a once a year checkbox on a long list of things to do.  It’s a genuine appreciation that must be encouraged and fostered each and every day!

Check out these ideas and let the appreciation begin….

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Visit Quantum Workplace:

Want to give a public shout out to an employee?

Click HERE to launch the Quantum Workplace website. NOTE: you’ll need your username and password to log in.

National Church Residences online store:

Click HERE to visit the National Church Residences online store, browse logo premium items and logo wear!  NOTE:  If the housing division wants to purchase and inventory a small number of logo items that require a minimum QTY, you would be able to give staff members an exclusive code number that they can use to “purchase” one of the items that have been inventoried.  I can explain more about this. 

Employee Appreciation Made Easy!

Click on the links below for printable resources.  Add some text here to provide ideas and suggestions for the managers to consider.

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HERE are some ideas that were submitted by our regional leaders.

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