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Fret Not, Fear Not, Faint Not and, By All Means, Forget Not

Recent News | March 16, 2020

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As we focus so much of our attention on daily (even minute-by-minute) urgent COVID-19 updates, it’s easy to get overwhelmed during this time of uncertainty. Instead, be encouraged by this message from our corporate chaplain, Rev. Jim Zippay.

Fret Not, Fear Not, Faint Not and, by all means, Forget Not.

Fret, like worry, doesn’t add anything good and often contributes to something we later regret. Slow down, breathe and pray.

Fear is a real emotion and when it comes, facts are helpful to ensure our response is legitimate (but faith is better). Three hundred and sixty-five times, the Bible tells us not to fear, one for each day of the week. Don’t be a slave to fear. Instead, find true freedom in faith in a God who is still in control and always good.

Fainting is the feeling of physical and emotional exhaustion that overtakes us when we try to carry a burden that is too big for us. Turn off the news and social media, put on some music, have a good belly laugh, life is still good and yes, this too will pass.

Finally, Forget not. God has sustained His creation and He has sustained you. Don’t forget but remember His faithfulness and let those memories govern your thoughts.

Be encouraged during this time. Questions about how National Church Residences is serving our seniors during COVID-19? Read more here.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that due to the rapidly evolving situation, recommendations regarding Coronavirus are constantly being updated as our organization becomes aware of the latest government recommendations and as the situation changes.  The information in this message may become quickly outdated so we advise you to always consult with the CDC and your local health department for the most up-to-date information in your area. National Church Residences is not providing medical or legal advice through this communication and shall not be liable for the action or inaction of third parties based upon the information provided.

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