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Take Control With Hospice Services

This page will give you concise information about hospice services so you can make the best decisions about whether hospice care is appropriate and which services are best for your situation. We will work with the client primary caregiver and physician group to establish a continuum of care plan.

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What is Hospice?

Hospice is a service that is provided by a team of nurses, doctors and other professionals, the primary caregiver is usually a family member or friend who’s responsible for around-the-clock supervision of the client. For care given in the home, this person will need to be with the client most of the time and will be trained to provide much of the hands-on care. For care given in another facility, a primary caregiver is still needed, but staff may help provide some of the physical care depending on the type of facility and insurance coverage for hospice services.

Select the Services that Matter to You!

We are specifically trained to carry out all the services covered under the hospice benefit that will help you and loved ones live the best with an advanced illness. The most common service areas are (but not limited to):

  • Plan of Care: you will select the services that you want, and you’ll be assigned a supervising nurse to oversee your plan and coordinate responsive delivery.
  • Pain and Symptom Management: your dedicated team of nurses, aides and a physician will be in constant communication with you to provide you what you need when you need it most.
  • Personal Assistance & Homemaking: your aides will assist you with activities of daily living, including personal care, bathing, light housework, etc..
  • Chaplaincy: a chaplain will visit to inspire your spiritual and personal connections.
  • Mega Resources: If you have a need or desire, our organization employs social workers that manage emotional, financial, dietary, housing and socialization needs through a vast network of partners and volunteers.
  • Physician Partnership: your physician is probably part of your life and so we’ll work with them to make sure your hospice care plan is optimized to your medical condition.
  • Bereavement Services: your family is welcome to obtain counseling for up to 13 months after a death.
  • Medications, medical equipment, and needed supplies: everything you need will be delivered to you.
  • Inpatient care: an alternative when home isn’t a good fit.
  • Respite care: temporary use of an apartment in a care facility grants you round-the-clock care.
  • Additional therapies and services may be included under qualifying circumstances.

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