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A Moment-Tote is a storage bin that contains a variety of memory and sensory items that hold a special significance for the person diagnosed with a memory-loss condition.

Please provide items in the following categories that will live in the Moment-Tote and used during activities for better living.

Moment-Totes Checklist


Things I like to look at or Things that bring me calm and joy to watch.
(Visual Stimulation)-Vision is one of the most important senses which helps us gain an excessive amount of information. Tragically, Alzheimer’s and different dementias can significantly affect the visual processing system.

• Bright light therapy
• Favorite Movies
• Videos (i.e. soothing nature, travel, or favorite animals)
• Photos


Soothing & Familiar Scents that I will remember and enjoy.
(Olfactory Stimulation)-Some of our grounded memories, our most strong affiliations, are activated by smell. A scent you connect with an occasion or a moment from the past that will transport one to that time.

• Essential oils as part of aromatherapy (peppermint, lavender, rosemary)
• Sachets of cinnamon, cloves, thyme, basil and others
• Herb garden


Comforting & Familiar Sounds that I like to hear and absorb.
(Auditory Stimulation)-Useful for mood enhancement, cognition, motivation and relaxation.

• Music (relaxing, favorite songs)
• Musical instruments or wind chimes
• Natural sounds like a waterfall or gentle rainfall
• Talking Tile—familiar voice, gentle reminder from family member
• Poems, proverbs, limericks, tongue twisters, and rhymed nursery rhymes


Things I like to touch & feel, fidget with, to keep my hands busy and bring me peace.
(Tactile Stimulation)-Awareness of texture and touch provide tactile stimulation that improves the well-being of Dementia patients.

• Hand massage & nail care
• Beauty products for a spa day
• Soft fabrics like fur, felt, or sequins to stroke or things to squeeze
• A virtual beach: Sand & shells/stones
• Realistic stuffed animals to pet and hold
• Seed packets for reminiscing or planting


Hobbies give us a sense of purpose, keep our hands and minds engaged, and bring sense of belonging to something bigger.

• Crafts
• Collectibles
• Souvenirs from travels


Connection with family and friends are shared.

• Photos of family and friends (with or without resident)
• Hand written cards
• Family heirlooms


A career can consume much of our lives and with time comes memories, achievements, friendships and experiences.

• Awards and Certificates of achievements
• Photos in professional settings
• Licenses and admired documents


Where we come from and how we spend our free time can produce a throve of accomplishments and spiritual memories to cherish.

• Religious figurines and relics
• Country Flags
• Heritage items
• Favorite Sports memorabilia

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