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The Most Caring Assisted Living in Dayton, Ohio

For our residents who require additional help with daily tasks, Legacy Village is proud to offer unique assisted living and memory care services that provide superior care, comfort and reassurance to the members of our community.

As one of the premier facilities for assisted living in Xenia, Ohio and the surrounding Dayton area, we pride ourselves on a commitment to helping our residents feel at home in a family-style setting while they enjoy a wide range of social, cultural, recreational, fitness and fellowship activities.

Choose Our Community Because We’re Dedicated to Your Needs

We strive to make our residents’ Xenia, Ohio assisted living experience as enjoyable as possible, so we take the time to get to know our residents’ likes and needs. This knowledge helps us to provide our services with care, compassion, comfort, reassurance and commitment.

The Benefits of Assisted Living in Xenia

The residents in our Xenia assisted living community enjoy privacy and comfort, along with the peace of mind that our devoted caregivers provide.

Some of the health services and amenities available at Legacy Village’s Xenia assisted living facility include:

  • Individualized care plans
  • 24-hour medical assistance
  • A variety of care services
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Exciting weekly outings
  • Various on-site events 

As you can see, the assisted living services in Xenia, Ohio we offer allow for an active and rewarding lifestyle while still providing needed comfort and security.

When is Assisted Living the Best Decision for Your Family?

Deciding to come to a Xenia, Ohio assisted living facility can understandably bring about a lot of changes. Seniors who have lived independently their entire lives, and in many cases who have lived numerous decades in a single home, can find it difficult to open up to the idea of moving to a new location.

The best course of action for families facing this decision is to take stock of a senior’s abilities while also weighing the benefits, and future benefits, of entering an assisted living community.

Let’s take a look at some common issues seniors face as they age and how a welcoming health care facility, like our Xenia assisted living facility, can make a positive impact.

  • Living Arrangements

    Oftentimes, seniors who have lived in the same home for decades become accustomed to their location, even if it’s no longer ideal for their circumstances. With multi-floor designs featuring bedrooms and bathrooms on upper floors, seniors risk the hazards of steps, which include loss of energy, over-exertion and falls.

    Additionally, with larger homes, seniors can become overwhelmed with upkeep. By coming to a Xenia assisted living community, however, residents don’t need to worry about these dangers and inconveniences.

  • Safety

    Living on one’s own has its benefits, but it also creates the possibility for disturbances and burglaries. Assisted living facilities in Xenia and other Ohio communities provide a safe environment complete with 24-hour security personnel and secure inner and outer entrances.

    These aspects, together with onsite medical assistance in the event of health emergencies, mean seniors can rest easy.

  • Meals

    As we age, meal preparation can become more of a chore, leaving many seniors preparing meals that are less than nutritious and not adequate for their health and dietary needs. Also, dining alone can bring its own problems relating to emotional and psychological wellbeing.

    In Legacy Village’s assisted living community, though, experienced chefs prepare meals in a friendly communal atmosphere, meaning those concerns will be a thing of the past.

  • Transportation

    Driving is another worry for seniors in Xenia, Ohio and beyond, because it can incorporate issues of both safety and practicality. Circumstances may arise that make it difficult or undesirable to continue driving, so other means are necessary to carry out daily tasks and attend special events.

    The transportation provided by our Xenia assisted living facility is perfect for fulfilling this role and helping seniors continue to be active and engaged within their community.

  • Socialization

    Even though many seniors are attached to their homes, in many cases the neighborhoods they once loved have changed significantly or old friends and neighbors have since moved. This can be very isolating for seniors, just as it would be for anyone.

    This is why coming to an assisted living community is so important. Seniors quickly form new friendships that can become very precious and fulfilling, and these relationships can improve one’s mood, health and personal outlook as well.

So as you can see, there are numerous reasons why assisted living in Xenia is greatly beneficial to seniors. Though seniors may experience a perfectly normal period of adjustment, in the end they’re sure to love all that a senior living community can provide.

For more of the guidance and assistance we offer residents, check out our services page.

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