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Professional Senior Living Support Services

With more than 50 years of experience, National Church Residences has developed skill sets that can assist our fellow senior living professionals in housing and health care. Our team members can work with you to control costs at your property while offering quality services and care.

National Church Residences Enriched Housing Services

Our Enriched Housing Services help owners, managers and service coordinators of affordable senior housing build operational excellence. We can help train your staff and supervise your service coordinators to ensure that residents’ needs are being met or exceeded.

Property Management Services

At National Church Residences, we’re experts at managing HUD senior living communities. We have a star team of resident managers, regional directors and headquarters support staff delivering professional management expertise to private and federally funded properties.

Our experience is what makes us a valuable partner. We have a history with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the low-income housing tax credit program, and numerous federal and state programs. This experience has made us experts in creating performance excellence for assisted housing operations benefiting modest-income seniors and families. As a result, our skills in managing HUD retirement communities has gained national recognition.

Get in Touch with National Church Residences’ Professional Services

If you’re looking for some extra guidance for your senior living community or property, National Church Residences can share our decades of expertise and answer any questions you might have. Contact us by emailing one of our expert team members below to get started.

Property Management: Christina Sanchez – [email protected]

Home Assistance with Daily Activities

The National Church Residences Quality Assurance Program currently provides services to over 65 property management companies across the country. The core of our program is about giving Service Coordinators the tools and support they need to become better at their job using outcome-based measurement tools.

This allows data to work for Service Coordinators. And since the initiative solely focuses on improving the lives of residents, the outcomes tell us how they are doing and how they can do it better. This enhanced Quality Assurance program’s quality, performance and coaching methods have evolved since implementing the Continuous Quality Improvement model into this program.

Sometimes when people are discharged from the hospital or other health care facility, they still need assistance with activities of daily life. This is where private duty care can help.

National Church Residences Private Duty Care helps clients remain independent and at home — either during recovery from an illness or injury, or when long-term supportive services are needed.

About Our Property Management Services

The Property Management Services at National Church Residences include:

  • Annual budget analysis to review long-term capitalization needs.
  • Cash-flow tracking system to control expenses and monitor budgetary requirements.
  • Compliance team to keep abreast of adherence parameters for local, state and federal regulations.
  • Professional social services staff to link residents with affordable community services.
  • Interactive communications to keep property owners, staff and residents informed.
  • Community caring network to meet residents’ needs for independence, support, access to services and property enhancements.
  • Asset management tracking to ensure the financial health, stability and visibility of the property.
  • Legislative and regulatory analysis and interpretation.
  • Proactive assurance of Equal Housing opportunity.
  • National Church Residences University curriculum to promote employee performance development.
  • Established maintenance/janitorial schedules to enhance the facility for residents and visitors.
  • Emergency, fire and disaster response procedures prepared for resident safety and property protection.
  • Effective marketing strategies that include occupancy tracking, direct mail, open housings and community contacts to maintain high occupancy level.

Quality Assurance Services Offered

The National Church Residences Quality Assurance Program consists of the following:

  • Compiled HUD Semi-Annual Performance Reports
  • Semi-Annual Program Assessors
  • Monthly On-Line Report review and feedback
  • Semi-Annual Resident File Reviews
  • Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey
  • Annual Property Management Survey
  • On-site visits (as requested)
  • Clinical assistance with resident issues (Monday – Friday / 8am – 5pm EST)

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