17 Central Florida Blogs You Should Be Reading

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For seniors who want to get the most out of their independent living during retirement, staying informed about local events is vital.

While word of mouth, postings and advertisements are all useful tools to stay informed, having a good list of local blogs bookmarked can be a terrific resource as well. That’s why Water’s Edge of Lake Wales has provided this extensive list of central Florida blogs any senior can appreciate.

Read on and search for your passion!

  • Central Florida Blog – This very in-depth blog provides its readers with information about area attractions, events, restaurants and plenty more. The perfect starting point for researching the region.
  • Gulf Coast Blog – A travel blog with comprehensive information on Florida cuisine, area events and vacation hotspots, this site is ideal for any lover of travel.
  • Village of the Arts – This blog, overseen by members of the largest Gulf Coast arts district, supplies information about local art programs, music festivals and places to shop in Bradenton, Florida.
  • Florida Writers Association – Looking to try your hand at that story that you’ve been kicking around for years? This blog will give you a lot of resources and tips to get started.
  • Central Florida’s Good Eats – Dedicated to reviewing regional restaurants, this central Florida blog strives to find great deals and delectable dishes for its visitors.
  • Florida Travel + Life – Another travel blog for the adventurous Florida resident, this blog offers up travel tips, cultural hotspots and destinations for fine dining.
  • Florida Hikes! – Any lover of the outdoors will appreciate this blog and its info about hiking trails, nature activities and environmental activism. A great site for generating ideas for what to do while out and about!
  • The Gulf Coast Travel Blog – Focusing on the Gulf Coast and the surrounding region, this blog is terrific if you’re looking to have some fun in the sun or take in a number of amazing entertainment and dining venues.
  • Orlando Beer Guide – This Florida blog gives good insights into brew pubs and restaurants with excellent beer selections in the greater Orlando area. A terrific resource to have handy when visiting the city.
  • Exploring Orlando – Just as the name promises, this blog gives great tips for those new to the city or regular visitors looking to experience something different.
  • Central Florida Gardener – If you’ve got a green thumb, this is the Florida blog for you. Giving tips and insights into when and what to plant in the Florida climate, along with ongoing care information, every gardener should have this site bookmarked.
  • Tourism Central Florida Blog – Overseen by the Orlando Sentinel and providing up-to-date info on central Florida’s exciting cultural scene, this site will give you plenty of ideas for vacations and staycations.
  • Central Florida Fishology – Written by a fishing and hunting enthusiast with years of experience, this blog gives regular updates about Florida fishing news and competitions.
  • Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild – This organization serves to bring people together through their love of crafts and provides information about meetings and quilting techniques.
  • Unknown Florida – This site focuses on lesser-known attractions around the state and features several regional “bucket lists."
  • Orlando Informer – Featuring in-depth looks at Orlando travel destinations, restaurants and entertainment options, Orlando Informer is something every visitor to the city should familiarize themselves with.

  • Central Florida Backyard Bird Identification – If you’re a fan of seeking out our feathered friends, this is the site for you. With pictures and detailed descriptions of dozens of species, it will certainly keep you busy.

So there you have it Floridians, some of the best Florida blogs you’re sure to come across with a whole host of diverse interests.

To find out more about central Florida and how you can get the most out of independent and assisted living, make sure to keep following Water’s Edge of Lake Wales’ own blog.

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