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Service: Skilled Nursing

Our communities are staffed with caring nursing professionals dedicated to helping our clients experience the abundance of life in later years with the quality of life they desire and deserve.

National Church Residences is known throughout Ohio for exceptional skilled nursing services and is at the forefront of a major culture change in the field.

The current culture in many Ohio nursing homes revolves around performing tasks to satisfy state standards. While state requirements set a minimal standard of care, National Church Residences instead focuses on accommodating our residents’ needs and preferences, with the objective of helping them achieve the highest possible quality of living. Person-Centered Care aims for a normal, productive and contributing life.

  • Neighborhoods: Our four “neighborhood” hallways have staff and resident neighbors and “neighborhood life” centered on creating a home environment and rewarding relationships.
  • Consistent Caregivers: The same people provide care for each unique resident. Our staff learns their residents’ likes and dislikes, enhancing each resident's routine, and helping both to create a team.
  • Undisturbed Sleep: We don't wake you at a set time. We believe normal rhythms of rest are important to living life fully. If there is a medical reason for waking a resident, we will adjust for that purpose when necessary.
  • Open Dining: National Church Residences offers open dining hours. Whether dining in their own rooms or the dining room, meals are served to fit resident schedules. Meals in the dining room offer various entrees and seconds. If a resident sleeps through lunch, no need to worry - the kitchen is always open, just like at home.
  • Liberalized Diets: We provide a menu without dietary restrictions. Enjoy life's personal pleasures - choose what you like to eat. 
  • Schedules: We honor residents’ routine schedules, about when to bathe, awaken and sleep.

Rehabilitation Suites (Skilled Nursing) Can Include:

  • IV therapy
  • Specialized wound care
  • Trach care
  • Management of chronic diseases - COPD, Diabetes, CHF
  • Pain management
  • Tube feeding


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We welcome questions and comments from residents, family members, and those interested in housing and health care for themselves or for loved ones. We also look forward to learning how we might serve your organization or community group with one of our many housing and health care services.