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Service: Quality Assurance

National Church Residences Quality Assurance Program currently provides Quality Assurance services to over 65 Property Management Companies across the country.

The basis of our program is to provide each Service Coordinator at every facility with outcomes-based measurement tools.  These tools, or monitors, provide statistically significant data that demonstrates the effectiveness of the Service Coordinator program.  In turn, Service Coordinators become better at doing their jobs through learning and understanding the outcomes of this data.  This allows the data to work for the Service Coordinators.  And since the initiative solely focuses on improving the lives of the residents, the outcomes tell us how they are doing and how they can do it better.

National Church Residences pioneered service coordination, beginning in 1991. Since 2001, we have provided Quality Assurance to Service Coordinators have shown that oversight of social service personnel is vital to the success of a quality program.  Appropriate leadership facilitates cooperative relationships between residents, managers, outside service providers, and the Service Coordinator.  The Quality Assurance Program Manager and the Quality Assurance Specialists provide the following Quality Assurance monitoring services at National Church Residences for every Service Coordinator.

National Church Residences Quality Assurance Program currently provides Quality Assurance services to over 65 Property Management Companies across the country.  This enhanced Quality Assurance program’s quality, performance, and coaching methods have evolved since implementing the Continuous Quality Improvement model into this program. 

The Quality Assurance program consists of the following

  •                 Compiled HUD Semi-Annual Performance Reports
  •                 Semi-Annual Program Assessors
  •                 Monthly On-Line Report review and feedback
  •                 Semi-Annual Resident File Reviews
  •                 Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey
  •                 Annual Property Management Survey
  •                 On-site visits (as requested)
  •                 Clinical assistance with resident issues (Monday – Friday / 8am – 5pm EST)

Reporting / Activities

Each Service Coordinator will receive two program evaluation reviews during each year of the Service Coordinator programs operation.  Semi-annually, every Service Coordinator who participates in the Quality Assurance program will be provided with a performance evaluation, called the ‘Assessor.”  The Assessor is a compilation of the results of the following data:  Semi-Annual File Reviews, Annual Residents Satisfaction Survey, Training, Policy Compliance, and monthly report submission.  In conjunction with the semi-annual program evaluation monthly review of on-line reports will be performed.  Feedback will be provided to each Service Coordinator each month with regards to problems/issues related to monthly report submissions.  Points are allotted from each section of the Assessor in order to create one final score.  This final score provides management a report that reflects information on each Service Coordinator’s work and provides a method for which management can determine and compare their individual Service Coordinator program to over 6 programs across the country.  This Assessor will be submitted on a semi-annual basis and is submitted along with the Service Coordinator’s Semi-Annual Performance Report to HUD.


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