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Service: Rehabilitation Services

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive team approach that provides each client with the rehabilitation care that they need.

At National Church Residences, our focus is on you — to achieve your goals with therapies including physical, occupational and speech, as well as community re-entry programs. Our approach has made us an Ohio leader in our field.

The primary goal is to facilitate the return home by meeting needs related to activities of daily living – mobility, speech, swallowing, pain management, medical equipment, home modification and community support resources. We will meet and exceed your therapy needs.

Physical Therapy

Our Therapy Department works with you to help regain muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. With oversight from your physician, our therapists are involved every step of the way, helping you regain strength and ability.

They establish and provide:

  • Individual therapeutic exercise programs
  • Gait training with appropriate assistive device (walkers, canes, etc.)
  • Balance, transfer, strengthening and endurance training
  • Ultrasound and electrical stimulation
  • Massage and thermal agents
  • Safety awareness training
  • Assessment of the living environment and recommendations of adaptations as needed

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists work with each resident to re-learn self-care and/or physically adjust to major changes in a resident’s life due to an accident or illness. In our occupational therapy programs, therapists help residents re-learn simple daily tasks that are an important part of everyday living.

Our therapists provide services to:

  • Maintain or increase joint mobility, muscle strength and physical endurance
  • Increase independence in activities of daily living and related self-care skills
  • Include fabricating and monitoring of orthotic devices
  • Prescribe appropriate adaptive equipment to maintain or increase functional independence

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists work with the resident to regain speaking and hearing skills so the resident can communicate more effectively. The therapists provide a variety of patient-specific treatment programs for residents with speech/language, cognitive, linguistic and swallowing disorders.

Therapists provide:

  • Oral motor exercises
  • Vocal treatment
  • Dysphagia treatment (swallowing and chewing)
  • Language treatment
  • Cognitive skills treatment



Contact Us For Information

We welcome questions and comments from residents, family members, and those interested in housing and health care for themselves or for loved ones. We also look forward to learning how we might serve your organization or community group with one of our many housing and health care services.