Section 8 Ohio

Section 8 Ohio Housing Options with National Church Residences

Since the opening of our first retirement community in 1961, National Church Residences has been dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing to a wide variety of people with different needs and means.

Through this mindset, we have managed to become a leader in providing housing to low-income seniors and families, which includes Section 8 Ohio housing.

Affordable Housing with Section 8 Ohio

Our goal is ensure that you are living in an affordable new home that allows you to experience the highest quality of life. While Section 8 housing in Ohio isn’t designed to pay for one’s entire cost of living, it is meant to alleviate the pressures that are associated with a low income.

With the burden of paying for your apartment taken care of, you may experience a number of positive health outcomes, including:

  • Reduced stress
  • A chance to spend money on more nutritious food and better health care
  • Improved self-esteem, security and overall well-being

Learn More about Our Section 8 Ohio Housing Today

If you or your family is a member of the Section 8 housing Ohio program, be sure to contact National Church Residences today. We will work with you to find a living situation that is affordable and provides you with an exceptional way of life.