Peter H. Vogel, Jr.

Board of Directors

CEO (Ret.)
NewPage Corporation
Miamisburg, OH

Peter Vogel spent nearly four decades as an innovative leader in the paper industry before retiring as the first-ever CEO of NewPage Corporation.

Before the formation of NewPage, Vogel had previously served as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Mead/WestVaco for 35 years. He also was Executive Vice President of Millcraft Paper.

Vogel joined the National Church Residences Board of Directors in January 2009. He currently serves as the Board’s Vice Chair and Chair of the Governance, Nominating & Legal Committee.

Married to his wife Ellen for 43 years, Vogel also serves on the Board of Directors for Finch Paper and Twin Rivers Paper.

Vogel is a two-time cum laude graduate of Cornell University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Labor Relations as well as an MBA.