Occupational Therapy

Comprehensive occupational therapy from experts focused on your unique goals and needs

With more than 50 years of experience, National Church Residences is the occupational therapy provider Ohioans looks up to as a leader in the field.

Our attentive experts work with your physicians’ oversight to ensure maximum recovery and rehabilitation for you or your loved one. Take ownership of your quality of life and reclaim independence by choosing the best occupational therapy option Ohio has to offer.

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Our occupational therapy program works with you to regain the everyday skills you need to function with minimal assistance. Our main goal is always maximizing quality of life, and facilitating recovery for a smooth transition into independence.

Patients collaborate with experienced professionals to establish and receive the following:

  • Maintain or increase joint mobility, muscle strength, and physical endurance
  • Increase independence in daily living, and related self-care skills
  • Fabrication and monitoring of orthotic devices
  • Prescription of appropriate adaptive equipment to maintain or increase functional independence
  • Assessment of living environment and recommendations of adaptations as needed

Why People Across Ohio Turn to National Church Residences

The mission of National Church Residences is to provide quality housing and care at affordable prices in communities of caring persons. Part of what makes us stand out from other senior care options is firstly our Christian commitment of service to older adults, and secondly, our status as a not-for-profit 501(C)(3) corporation.

This combination allows our national ministry to focus exclusively on maximizing value for and the well being of our patients, instead of shareholders. We’ve become the experts in occupational therapy Ohio citizens trust by following this passion since 1961. See how we can help you or your loved one by contacting us today.