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New Employee Corporate

Welcome to National Church Residences!

We are happy that you are joining our organization. Please take a moment to view the two videos below AND browse the “new hire” edition of our employee newsletter, Living Our Values.

The National Church Residences Way video tells you about our values and culture. All Things Senior explains the services we offer.

The National Church Residences Way:

All Things Senior:

Employee Information

If you have questions regarding pre-employment, please contact your recruiter or manager.

What should I bring on my first day?

  1. New Hire Paperwork
  2. Two forms of ID (unless already provided) to complete I-9 Form (i.e. Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, etc.), Voided check to enroll in direct deposit
  3. New Hire’s Guide to the Central Office

What do I need to know on my first day?

  1. What is the dress code policy? Dress Code
  2. When will I get paid? 2020 Payroll Calendar
  3. What is the Flu Shot Policy? Flu Vaccination Policy

What Benefits am I eligible for?

  1. Part-time (scheduled less than 30 hours per week) Part-time Benefits
  2. Full-time (scheduled 30 or more hours per week) Full-time Benefits

How do I get paid?

  1. Kronos Login
  2. Ultipro Login
  3. Ultipro User Guide
  4. Kronos TeleTime Instructions

What are National Church Residences’ Policies?

  1. Employee Information Guide (EIG)
  2. Employee Information Guide (EIG) – State Supplements

National Church Residences University –

The National Church Residences University as an organization-wide internal training program that provides all employees with consistent training across the company in the areas of leadership, management and more. Its curriculum is designed to promote individual performance development in the “core competencies” for each position within the organization.

National Church Residences University provides a fully integrated approach to learning by offering distance learning courses online and through regional and national classroom seminars. Each course is fully certified by the company and course credits are awarded. Completion of University coursework affects annual performance review, pay consideration and company-wide promotion opportunities.

The following links provide access to some important information for newly-hired employees. Feel free to browse the University website and become familiar with everything it has to offer:

National Church Residences Learning Center (access your online training records – this link requires login credentials which new employees will receive)


Tutorial (how to access courses)


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