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In-Person Visitation (Florida Assisted Living) Policy

In accordance with Florida Statute Section 408.823 (No Patient Left Alone Act), National Church Residences’ facilities support and facilitate the residents’ rights to receive visitors of their choosing, at the time of their choosing, subject to the resident’s right to deny visitation when applicable, and in a manner that does not impose on the rights of other residents. Visitation will be person-centered, consider the residents’ physical, mental, and psychosocial wellbeing, and support quality of life.


  1. Essential Caregivers will be allowed in person visitation 2 hours daily or additional visitation authorized by the provider.
    • A resident may designate a visitor who is a family member, friend, guardian, or other individual that are essential caregivers.
    • Essential Caregivers are not required to provide necessary care to the residents and the facility cannot require the essential care giver to provide care to the residents.
  2. In person visitation will be honored in all of the following circumstances:
    • End of Life Situations
    • A resident was living with a provider before admitting under our care and is struggling with the change of environment and lack of in person family support
    • A resident is making one or more major medical decisions
    • A resident is experiencing emotional distress or grieving the loss of a friend or family member that has recently died.
    • A resident is needing cueing or encouragement to eat or drink which was previously provided by a family member or care giver.
    • A resident who used to talk and interact with others are seldom speaking.
  3. In-person visitation may be suspended for a specific visitor if the visitor violates the provider’s policy and procedures.
  4. Each resident and/or resident representative will be informed of their visitation rights and related facility policies and guidelines, including any clinical or safety restriction or limitation of such rights, in a manner he or she understands.
  5. The visitor/visitors informed of infection control practices (i.e.: Six-foot safe distance, hand hygiene, and wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE)).
  6. All visitors will be screened upon entrance to the facility, and will be given the required personal protective equipment in accordance with the Senior Living COVID-19 Protocol, CMS, CDC, and/or local health department recommendations.
  7. Visitors with signs and symptoms of a transmissible infection (for example, a visitor is febrile and exhibiting signs and symptoms of an influenza-like illness) will be asked to defer visitation until they are no longer potentially infectious according to CMS or CDC guidelines, and/or local health department recommendations.
  8. The Administrator or a designee will ensure that staff adhere to the infection control policy and procedures. PPE requirements and standards are outlined in the Senior Living COVID-19 Protocol.
  9. Visitors will not be asked to show proof of any vaccinations or immunizations. The visitor is allowed to have physical contact between the resident and the visitor.
  10. This policy will be made available for review on the community’s website.
  11. Concerns can be reported to the National Church Residences Compliance Hotline (available 24 hours/day and 7 days/week)

Tools and Resources

Healthcare Facility Complaint Form

SB 988 – Visitation Rights Legislation

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