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Impact of Your Gift and Donor Testimonials

Our Foundation helps National Church Residences in all our efforts to make life better for seniors across the nation. We work to close the growing gap between seniors’ own resources, support from government programs and what they need to stay healthy, independent and at home for life.

What can your gift do?

Here are just some of the ways your transformational gift to National Church Residences Foundation can make a difference:

Donating $25

  • Provides a senior served by our Community Medical Services with an influenza or a pneumococcal vaccine

Donating $50

  • Provides a senior with door-to-door transportation to a medical appointment by a well-trained and compassionate driver, while supporting his or her independence and access to healthcare
  • Provides a senior in hospice care with one month of cellular service, ensuring connection with family and friends
  • Provides enrollment in our Music & Memory Therapy program for a senior with dementia

Donating $100

  • Provides a formerly homeless resident with a Home Essentials Kit
  • Provides Spiritual Care training materials to 4 volunteer chaplains serving seniors in our communities

Donating $250

  • Provides an enhanced dementia care kit to a senior and his or her caregiver, creating meaningful interactions between each other
  • Provides an on-site nurse practitioner for one day to conduct preventative and wellness check-ups for residents

Donating $500

  • Provides a frail senior with 5 days of adult day care, including meals and transportation

Read What Some of Our Donors Have to Say!

“I am only 70, but not in good health. My greatest fear is having to live in a nursing home. National Church Residences Home for Life program and Suzie, my service coordinator, have arranged for all the services I need to stay in my own home.” – Sandra

“I am 86 years old; I taught school for 32 years, raised 3 beautiful children, but still look for meaning and purpose in my life. I find it at the Center for Senior Health Champion Intergenerational Center.” – Julia

“Because of uncontrollable chronic health conditions, for 6 years I lived in a nursing home and was confined to a wheelchair. I never thought I would walk again without aid or live independently. Yet, National Church Residences Permanent Supportive Housing has made this and so much more possible.” – Tommie

“After an accident at work, I was deaf for 26 years. National Church Residence Home for Life made it possible for me to get a cochlear implant at no cost. I thought I was going to be put into the ground without ever hearing another sweet sound! My service coordinator helped to change my life.” – Lewis

“The Hospice team has been wonderful. Without any close family, I was struggling. They ‘ve taken me shopping and bought food, clothes and slippers that I needed. Everyone is so kind. They always brighten my day!” – John

“As a veteran who lived in a motel for four years, I am grateful to have an affordable apartment of my own now – thanks to the help of my VA director and my National Church Residences service coordinator.” – Robert

“The innocent and sweet spirit of my aunt inspires me. I love her and want to see her get the best possible care. As a single, working woman I could not do it without the programs and services of National Church Residences. They allow me to live a close to normal life.” – Susan

“Volunteering is really about making someone’s day better. It’s a lot of fun to put a smile on someone’s face. Just knowing that my volunteer time can give a senior a better day is worth it!” – Scott

“Some seniors – no matter the planning – hit points where they face financial struggles. A gift to the mission of National Church Residences will ensure that their programs stay strong and sustainable. We give to honor the memory of my dad.” – Denise

“Our chaplaincy program is devoted to the interfaith needs of all our residents…providing homes where people find love, laughter and acceptance.” – Jim Zippay, Chaplain

“After a phone call at 3 a.m., Peggy made sure I got to the hospital in Pittsburgh on time for my lung transplant. God sent me to National Church Residences to be taken care of.” – Larry

“As both the daughter of an Alzheimer’s patient and a social worker with National Church Residences, I see first-hand how enriched experiences with music and other therapies bring benefits to those with memory issues – and to their families.” – Meghan Mathews, Social Worker

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