Q&A with Jesy Anderson, Owner/Creator of Needle, Ink and Thread

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  • What's the background of your business? What are the different things you offer?
    I am a sewing studio that offers sewing education, workshops, and monthly craft times! I was previously one of the owners of Sew Dayton, which was located in downtown Dayton for almost 4 years. Last year, my business partner decided she was ready for something new and on her own, so we closed in August and I opened Needle, Ink and Thread in Beavercreek.

    I love teaching others how to become more self-sufficient and how to save money. I specialize in garment construction, but I can teach anything from the basics of how to use a sewing machine to quilting (and everything in between).

    I also teach a monthly Kids Create night, which introduces kids to fiber arts and different ways to apply it to their life. I also take alterations on Tuesdays for the community – alterations are something that can help make that store-bought garment look tailored. It's a service that I will always provide to the community as it is needed desperately.
  • What is your favorite thing about offering these creative classes and tutorials?
    Watching my students have that "ah-ha" moment, and the smiles confidence it brings. Sewing isn't hard, but it has a learning curve just like anything that is worth trying. When students get excited because they made something from raw materials into a useful item, it's the most rewarding feeling watching them grow and blossom!
  • What is your most popular class?
    My most popular class right now is still "Get to Know Your Machine – Learn the Basics." It's all about the sewing machine, needles, thread, sewing feet, and the anatomy of the machine. Then we make a drawstring bag at the end of class.
  • How can someone sign up for a class? 
    I have a website, www.needleinkandthread.com, which is where my classes are listed and you can sign-up online. Or, if you prefer to do it in person, I am always at the studio on Tuesdays 11-6. That is also when I take in alterations. So, if you need pants hemmed or something taken in or let out, mended, patched, or anything else, come by. 
  • What tips do you have for beginners? How can someone get started if they have an interest in sewing?
    Practice makes perfect – you will rip out stitches, we all do. Take it slow and learn the processes, techniques, and tricks to help you be successful. I always say, "Once you cut, you commit; but, if you stitch you can rip." Meaning measure twice and cut once, but if your stitches are not right, just take a seam ripper and pop them out, and try again. You got this, it's just going to take a little practice and patience. 
  • What is the easiest thing a beginner can make? Do you have a tutorial on it?
    I would suggest starting with a pincushion or a square pillow, maybe move onto a tote bag or infinity scarf. When starting to sew patterns, use ones with fewer pieces to have the most successful outcome.
  • What is your favorite thing about owning a business in this region of Ohio?
    The community. They are the core of my business. Without the community, I wouldn't be in business. They really help me figure out what to teach and how much! I owe a huge thank you to Tabitha Peters-Guidone, owner of Decoy Art Studio, for helping me find my space in Beavercreek.

    The city has been amazing and the community is top-notch. It's a perfect spot for sewing. Everyone here seems to have a very deep sense of community which is why the city is so strong and vibrant – they support people who are supportive of them. It's the perfect combo!

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