7 Essential Day Trips to Take from Xenia

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When seniors choose to pursue retirement in Xenia, Ohio, they should be well-aware that the adventure is only beginning. Not only does Legacy Village provide opportunities for seniors to live out a fun, active lifestyle when on our campus, but we also are conveniently located in an area that is near many Ohio attractions

Whether your friends and family are coming to visit, or you’d just like a change of scenery for the afternoon, as a retiree at Legacy Village you can enjoy yourself by taking a quick drive to the following great destinations: 

1. Yellow Springs

Just a short 20-minute drive from our senior community in Xenia is Yellow Springs, a popular town for day trips. There are a number of places worth visiting in the area, no matter what time of year it is. 

Although it is a relatively small city, Yellow Springs is known for its arts culture. Elements of this can be found in various street festivals, playhouses and musical performances in the community. 

Some of the most popular places that people of all ages can appreciate include:

These locations offer enjoyable activities such as dining, shopping, recreation and fitness. In Yellow Springs, there truly is something for everybody! 

2. Beavercreek

Beavercreek, a suburban town with loads of charm, is a convenient 15-minute drive from the Legacy Village community. Beavercreek is located in Greene County and is the largest city of the county. Because of its range of things to do, rain or shine, it is also a popular destination for visitors. 

If you’re in the Beavercreek area, be sure to scope out the following attractions: 

3. Clifton

Clifton is a quaint village that is close to Yellow Springs and is about 20 minutes from the Xenia area. As a hub for early Ohio industry and travel, the village was established in 1802. Despite its lengthy history, the town has never changed from its small-town routes, as the 2010 census reported that Clifton’s total population was 152 people.

Popular attractions within the village include:

4. Kettering

Kettering is about a half hour away from Legacy Village and, with a population of almost 56,000, is Dayton’s largest suburb.

With its size in mind, there are many varied activities that seniors can enjoy related to culture, arts, recreation and more. Some of Kettering’s most well-known hot spots to visit include: 

5. Miamisburg

Another day trip possibility for seniors and their families is the city of Miamisburg. Miamisburg, also known as Ohio’s “Star City,” is a 35-minute drive from Legacy Village and provides adventure in many forms.

For those looking to have an active afternoon, many businesses in the city are deemed bike-friendly. These businesses will have a decal in their window and offer the following four amenities to those traveling by bicycle: free water, restrooms, bicycle parking, and free regional trail maps.

Some suggested places to visit while in Miamisburg include the following:

6. Springfield

Within 35 minutes of our Xenia location, Springfield is another worthwhile location that has many possibilities for day trips and other adventures. Springfield is additionally the home of Wittenberg University, a private liberal arts college.

Destinations for Springfield visitors to make a stop at could include the following:

7. Dayton

Dayton is one of Ohio’s biggest cities (the sixth-largest in the state) and is about 20 minutes away from our senior community. This accessibility makes it very easy to get to for a morning or afternoon of fun.

Known for its association with aviation, Dayton is the hometown of the Wright Brothers, who are of course credited with inventing and flying the world’s first successful airplane.

Dayton is also home to the University of Dayton, a private Catholic university. Other areas of attraction that are popular in the city include: 

Enjoy Our Favorite Xenia Activities!

In addition to visiting the seven great cities listed above, there’s also plenty of things to add to your travel itinerary that are located right here in Xenia

Our favorite Xenia-area activities include:

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For even more information on local attractions near our senior retirement community, visit our local attractions page.

Also, don’t forget about our own 48-acre historical campus! Dating back to the 1800s, our location has ties to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. If you’d like more information on the history of Legacy Village, feel free to ask.

And if you’d like assistance in planning a local adventure to a nearby destination, reach out to our team for help today.