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It’s well known that as we age, our health needs can begin to change. As this happens, it’s beneficial for seniors to be in an environment that is comfortable, familiar and equipped to meet their ongoing medical requirements.

That’s why choosing a continuing care facility like Legacy Village is the ideal choice for seniors’ futures. While many seniors at Legacy Village enjoy everything independent living has to offer, others take part in Legacy Village’s exceptional Xenia, Ohio assisted living services. 

So to help you get the most out of your golden years, we’ve chronicled everything that makes our assisted living services the best in Xenia and the surrounding area.

1. Medical Procedures 

Our assisted living services are designed to incorporate any medical necessity a resident may require. Additionally, our staff of care practitioners is skilled at assessing each resident’s individual needs and crafting a personalized care plan, so you can be confident you’ll receive the attention you deserve. 

Some of the medical procedures available for those who need them include:

  • 24-hour assistance with medical necessities
  • Wellness checks on a monthly basis

Further health and wellness procedures are available for those suffering from cognitive issues, which we’ll look at in our secured memory care section. 

2. Therapeutic Activities 

In addition to the medical procedures that our Xenia, Ohio nursing home provides, a range of therapeutic activities are also available to help increase a resident’s wellbeing. 

These activities include: 

  • Personalized, in-house therapies
  • IV therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Communication art classes

Along with these specialized therapies, residents at Legacy Village can also take part in numerous life enrichment activities which can include clubs, classes and attending speaking events with a health-centered focus. 

3. Secured Memory Care 

Another aspect of our superb Xenia, Ohio assisted living services is our secured memory care program.

Secured memory care is a branch of senior health services that focuses on the needs of those living with the effects of a cognitive disorder such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. 

Though secured memory care incorporates many assisted living care services on the same as-needed basis, additional aid is supplied through the following techniques:

  • Customized programs tailored to the cognitive levels of each resident
  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Montessori-based programming for dementia
  • Reality Comprehension Clock Test to assess resident abilities 

4. An Active Life 

It’s important to remember that just because someone is part of an assisted living program, it doesn’t mean they can’t engage with their community and continue to live a rich, fulfilling life.

In fact, many residents who utilize assisted living only require a portion of the available services, and these individuals maintain an active social life both in and out of Legacy Village.

Some of the on-site activities our residents love include: 

  • Book clubs
  • Playing cards
  • Game days
  • Fitness classes
  • Visiting speakers, musicians and other performers
  • Weekly Bible study
  • Library events
  • Playing pool and ping pong

Also, there are many nearby points of interest worth taking in. Visit our local attractions page to see a handy guide with external links for events and hotspots. 

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