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Get to Know Our Ohio Retirement Community

Bristol Village is special in so many ways. Our not-for-profit Ohio retirement community has served seniors for decades, and we have recently made comprehensive enhancements to our residences, landscaping, common area, dining and other personal services.

We are proud to say that Bristol Village is by far the best Senior Living Community value in America, with individual home and apartment living at an irresistible cost that leaves budget room for your retirement dreams.

Originally built as company housing, Bristol Village’s 133 acres are nestled in a bucolic, historically rich area that retains the pace of small-town America while being just a short drive to Columbus – and is within 500 miles of 60% of the nation’s population. You’ll likely be only hours from the friends and relatives who will be visiting you again and again to enjoy our special way of life.

Ohio Senior Living at Its Finest

With more than 50 resident organizations, you will have the opportunity to live the retirement life you have always wanted. Whether it’s a class or workshop, a book club or just an opportunity to meet new people, there is something for everyone at Bristol Village.

While most retirement communities provide activities and apartments for residents, they can’t offer you the true independence that Bristol Village can give you. We go above and beyond to create a true community and home that you can be proud of, not just a place to live.

We offer a range of independent housing options to fit your specific needs, which allows you to have your individual home remodeled, customized or built the way you want.

Another thing that sets us apart from other 55+ communities in Ohio is our ability to support you through each stage of the aging process. With a skilled nursing staff and a variety of community health care services, we have the capabilities to assist you as medical needs arise.

Learn More About Our Unique Ohio Retirement Community

From independent living to hospice care, the services offered at Bristol Village set us apart from any other Senior Living Community in Ohio. Contact us today to learn more!