8 Things to Know About Living in Southern Ohio

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Coming to an Ohio retirement community like Bristol Village brings with it a number of great benefits for seniors looking for active independent living.

On our inviting campus alone, seniors can engage in dozens of enriching and exciting activities, ranging from arts & crafts to fitness classes to writing groups to card & game clubs.

But getting all you can from your southern Ohio retirement community doesn’t just mean staying on campus – it means heading out and exploring your community, your state, and your country!

Read on to discover some of the great things about choosing a retirement community in southern Ohio and why it’s the best choice for your golden years.

1. Things to Do

Southern Ohio and the surrounding area provide a wealth of things to do for people of all ages. Whether you’re an arts lover, sports fan or a simple adventurer, you’ll find plenty to experience in the region and beyond.

Arts & Culture

The southern part of the state has numerous opportunities for people looking to explore local and national culture. Nearby Ohio University houses the Kennedy Museum of Art with over 8,000 pieces, while the campus itself is known as a hub for artists, musicians and performers.

Other art museums in the area include the Southern Ohio Museum in Portsmouth, which is home to the works of Clarence Holbrook Carter and many others.

Of particular note, however, is Chillicothe’s revered outdoor performances of Tecumseh!, detailing the life of the famous Shawnee leader in an exciting dramatization.

Sporting Events

Sports fans will love all the great opportunities to be found in southern Ohio, as one can attend great college football and basketball games, cheering on the Ohio Bobcats and Dayton Flyers among others.

And since Columbus is less than two hours away from Waverly, Ohio, those seeking out some professional sports can attend an exciting Blue Jackets or Crew SC game.

If you’re looking to get in on the fun yourself, though, southern Ohio lays claim to numerous lush golf courses, including Zanesville’s Eagle Sticks Golf Club and the Pearl Hart-designed Marietta Country Club.

Other Activities

Some other exciting possibilities for fun include:

2. Rich History

Living in southern Ohio means having the chance to experience a long tradition of cultural history and see first-hand a number of eye-opening historical sites.

Some spots you’ll certainly want to visit include:

  • Serpent Mound – Constructed by an undetermined culture, the impressive winding structure of Serpent Mound has become a well-known feature of southern Ohio and is recognized as a National Historic Landmark.
  • American Sign Museum – Take a step back in time through the lens of American advertising, seeing how different decades sold their wares and changed, and were changed by, the culture around them.
  • Athens County Historical Society & Museum – Athens is home to Ohio University, the first college of the Northwest Territory, along with the Athens Asylum, both of which are detailed in this museum, along with local lore.
  • Putnam Historic District – Located in Zanesville, Ohio, this district is home to numerous Underground Railroad homes, the illustrious Schultz Mansion, and the famed Stone Academy.

3. Ohio Facts and Trivia

Since its founding in 1803, Ohio has had the good fortune of being nationally recognized in numerous ways. Here are some interesting bits of trivia any Ohio native or visitor will appreciate:

  • The Wright Brothers, who were Dayton natives, are, of course, credited with pioneering successful heavier-than-air and powered flight.
  • Continuing with the flight theme, Ohio has also produced many astronauts, among them famed NASA pioneers John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and Jim Lovell.
  • Zanesville, Ohio is home to the famed Y-Bridge, the only three-pronged bridge in the world.
  • The term “rock and roll” was popularized by Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed, leading to the city’s close association with the genre and ultimately serving as the location for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Claiming eight U.S. presidents, Ohio has had more native sons in the White House than any other state.

4. Weather and Seasons

Another great aspect about living in southern Ohio is the weather. With a temperate climate, Ohio experiences fairly average winters and summers with extreme temperatures on both ends being a rarity. And people living in the southern portion of the state receive benefits some of their northern neighbors do not, since the south is free of the lake-effect snow experienced by Cleveland and other cities.

And by living in an Ohio retirement community like Bristol Village, you’ll be able to enjoy all the seasons have to offer, from fall foliage to winter cheer to spring flowers to warm, relaxing summer days.

5. Ease of Travel

Being an Ohio resident means having access to not only all the great activities and locations listed above, but many more in the surrounding states.

In fact, roughly 60% of the country lives within 600 miles of Columbus. So many great cities like New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington D.C. are all within a reasonable driving distance or a short plane ride.

By living in such a centralized location, residents are afforded terrific opportunities for travel, and the close proximity to major population centers also allows for more visits from friends and relatives.

6. Tons of Shopping Opportunities

An important part about choosing a place to live is being close to great amenities, with shopping choices being one of them. When you live in southern Ohio, you can choose from numerous malls in Cincinnati, Chillicothe, and Dayton, or even places like Jackson Square over in Jackson, Ohio!

Not to mention, Waverly itself has a conveniently located Kroger, Walmart, and CVS to help you get all the essentials you need.

7. Great Nearby Communities

Towns such as Chillicothe are just a short drive away and offer a vast number of wonderful things to do. Here are a few ideas from our blog post, “18 Great Activities for Seniors in Chillicothe, Ohio”: 

  • Take a sewing class
  • Visit an art gallery
  • See a live show at the theatre
  • Visit the Heritage Center and Museum
  • Many more!

8. Amazing Ohio Nature

Anyone from Ohio knows that the lush foliage in the various Metropark areas help to make our state beautiful! And near Waverly, there are plenty of great parks, nature preserves, and more that you can visit to get your fix of nature. Check out some of these popular destinations in southern Ohio: 


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