Q. What is an Assisted Living facility?

A. A safe and secure environment designed for seniors to age in place with medical, physical, emotional and social assistance as needed.

Q. Who can benefit from Assisted Living?

A. Anyone that feels they need assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, medication administration and meals.

Q. Can one receive therapy service in assisted living?

A. Yes, licensed therapists can either come to a resident's apartment or a designated therapy area in the assisted living facility.

Q. Is financial assistance available in assisted living?

A. Yes, through Medicaid and for Veterans that meet certain qualifications.

Q. Do Assisted Living facilities provide 24-hour supervision?

A. Yes, and some facilities offer 24-hour nursing supervision.

How often is a nurse available?

A. In most assisted living facilities, 24/7.

What type of activities does Assisted Living offer?

A. One or more outings a week to various places and events, daily activities and entertainment. Please click here to view a monthly Events Calendar (link to calendar per site)

Q. Can you come for a short stay or long weekend?

A. Yes, that is called a Respite Stay.

Q. Is transportation to and from doctor's appointments available?

A. Yes, every site normally has a bus or van.

Q. How many meals a day are provided?

A. 3 meals day plus snacks