Tranquility Garden


National Church Residences Mill Run welcomed its first residents in September 1995, and in 2015 our Hilliard, Ohio facility celebrated its 20th anniversary with the groundbreaking of the one-of-a-kind Tranquility Garden.

"The garden will offer a richness of familiar visuals: white picket fences, clotheslines, vintage mailboxes, old bicycles, a water pump, a wheel barrow, and a front porch, among the other outdoor remembrances," said Mill Run’s Executive Director Linda Roehrenbeck.

"Residents can enjoy tasks that took place during their childhood and adulthood," she added. "Gardens engender feelings of remembered wellness and support efforts to achieve well-being in the present."

For those living with the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other cognitive disorders, simple pleasures can often be lost due to the care and attention needed to keep these seniors safe and comfortable. Our Tranquility Garden represents an effort to give these seniors something they may otherwise be sorely missing.

Some of the features seniors will enjoy at the garden include:

  • Peaceful walks
  • Planting and gardening
  • Art displays
  • Soothing music

Additionally, the structures of the garden will be designed with four therapeutic focal points: children, art, music and animals. The entire site will be thoroughly secure, ensuring seniors are safe and cannot get lost, and a private hospice area is also planned to give families a special place to spend time with their loved ones.

Plans for the garden were announced in December 2014 with the groundbreaking ceremony taking place as part of our 20th anniversary celebration in October 2015.

Memory Garden Vision

"Mill Run's Tranquility Garden is designed to offer sensory, rehabilitative, and interactive stimulation," Roehrenbeck said. "Areas have been carved out to provide tranquility and peaceful fascination."

As part of the garden's construction, it has been planned for completion in four scheduled phases. Phase I has already commenced and the following phases will be completed as funding becomes available.

"It's basically been a grassroots initiative from a fundraising standpoint," said Mike Finelli, National Church Residences Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations. "Most of our donations have come from family members of those at Mill Run, staff, and a small core of people who have a passion for the project."

Corporate donations from Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, among others, have also helped move the project forward. But more donations are necessary to complete the future phases.

"We are working diligently on preparing for Phase II," Finelli said. "It's a very innovative project. When it comes to therapeutic measures for improving life quality for those with dementia and other disabilities, there are very few similar."

Mill Run’s Dedication to Memory Care

The Tranquility Garden is our most recent addition to our memory care services, which we believe to be vital for those in need of assisted living.

Seniors suffering from neurological disorders and diseases experience a wealth of benefits from our compassionate care services, including:

  • 24-hour nursing oversight
  • Safety awareness training
  • Vocal treatments
  • Cognitive skill therapies and treatments
  • Language therapy and more

For a full look at all that our care provides, be sure to visit our secure memory care page.

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