At National Church Residences, hospice is not a place. It is specialized care designed for someone who has a life-limiting health issue. Our program has the simple yet profound goal of putting a person’s life back in his or her control. Our expert care staff can design an approach to care that meets the unique goals of each individual and family. We strive to honor an individual’s wishes while supporting those who love them.
With National Church Residences Hospice, a person can receive support that includes:
· Nurses who are experts at managing symptoms and coordinating an individual’s care. This means improved quality of life for the person
and his or her family.
· Social workers who understand complex psychological and social issues surrounding families. This understanding can decrease anxiety and worry.
· Chaplains who are sensitive to a person’s spiritual perspective. This can foster a greater sense of peace and understanding.
· Volunteers who are trained to provide support. This support can help alleviate the stress that can come with caring for loved ones.
· Home health aides who realize the unique approach needed when providing personal care. This too can lessen caregivers’ stress.
· Medical equipment, medical supplies and prescriptions related to why a person is receiving our hospice care.