Get a Head Start on Your Spring Cleaning with These Practical Tips

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Are you looking forward to tackling spring cleaning in your senior apartment or Lake Wales villa? We wanted to help by providing you with some practical tips so you can get a head start!

1. Plot Out a Schedule

If you have a calendar or planner, make a schedule you can follow to start your cleaning! This way, you can break up your duties and not have the stress of trying to fit them all into one day or weekend. Doing cleaning little by little also gives you more time for the things you love in your normal schedule and lifestyle.

2. Ask for Help, and Make It Fun!

While you are planning your schedule, pick some dates to seek out some additional help, or even just have some folks come by to keep you company.

One of the best ways to make spring cleaning less tedious and not have it feel like a chore is to make it fun. Call up your friends or family and ask them to help you with a few of your tasks, play some music while you do the cleaning, and maybe even treat them to some ice cream after!

3. Go After the Big Stuff First

Do you still have boxes sitting around, or maybe some leftover Christmas decorations? Not only does sorting away clutter make it easier to take on other smaller cleaning tasks, but it also makes your living space a safer place to live in and helps prevent falls and other injuries.

4. Don’t Forget Your Fridge

Many people often forget that spring cleaning doesn’t just include dusting, vacuuming, and sorting. It should also include going through your fridge and throwing out expired items, like leftovers, produce, condiments, baking powder, and more.

5. Do a Whole-House Walkthrough

Although it’s not cleaning related, something important worth doing is checking on your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, ensuring that they function properly and have charged batteries. It’s also a great time to change out the filter in your HVAC if you have one.

And if your house is equipped with stability bars or other helpful assisting equipment, you can check those out too and get replacements if needed.

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