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It's well known that Florida has become a major destination for retiring seniors. But like a lot of things that have become common knowledge, people will accept the fact without looking into the rationale.

With this post, we’ll be examining why Florida retirement communities are the ideal choice for seniors and what Florida has to offer that makes it stand above other locales.

1. Climate

Florida is renowned for its pleasant weather, and for good reason. During the summer months, the average temperature reaches a high of 82 degrees, while the average annual low temperature during the winter months is 61 degrees.

Not only does this make for comfortable living, but settling into one of the many retirement communities in Florida with consistently higher temperatures also offers the following great benefits:

  • Increase in Physical Activity: Warm weather tends to make us go outside and be more active. Easy exercises such as a morning walk can help seniors maintain or improve their health levels. Higher temperatures also increase alertness and mental performance, which can lead to improved memory.

  • Increase in Safety: By moving to a Florida retirement community, you’re also in turn avoiding the accidents that can come with ice and snow, as well as the dangers of low winter temperatures.

2. Attractions and Hotspots

Moving to a 55+ retirement community in central Florida like Water's Edge of Lake Wales brings with it a wealth of benefits for seniors’ social and private lives, such as: 

  • Year-Round Outdoor Activity: Living in a Florida retirement community means that you can take in Florida’s lively arts and cultural scene, as well as the state’s outdoor activities such as boating, biking, running, hiking, water sports, golf and, of course, fishing.

  • Leisurely Indoor Attractions: If the great outdoors is not your forte, residents can engage in a number of other activities such as attending professional football and baseball games, experiencing cosmopolitan shopping, trying their luck at a casino or racetrack, or simply partaking in all their community has to offer

By selecting a senior community in central Florida like Lake Wales, you’ll be giving yourself the best access to everything the Sunshine State has to offer!

3. Low Cost of Living

In addition to the wonderful weather and long list of fun activities one can enjoy by choosing a Florida retirement community, residents of the state enjoy very reasonable costs of living. 

Florida ranks well in the national stats for cost of living, coming in at 28th overall. But even better, Florida’s taxation system is very appealing for inbound seniors.

By researching Florida retirement communities, you’re also opening the door to the following financial advantages

  • No state income tax
  • No retirement income tax
  • No inheritance tax
  • A limited estate tax 

Those wanting their retirement dollars to go far can see why moving to the state is such a sound investment, making Florida retirement communities continually popular.

4. Higher Energy Levels

In addition to producing a pleasant climate, more sunlight also provides health benefits for Florida residents. For instance, vitamin D can be produced in the body more frequently with an increased exposure to sunlight.

Studies have shown that 77% of people are vitamin D deficient, which means moving to a Florida retirement community is a great choice for your continuing wellness.


Specifically, vitamin D can help provide the following health benefits:

  • Regulating the absorption of calories
  • Contributing to the growth and development of teeth and bones
  • Improving resistance to diseases such as cancer and type 1 diabetes

5. Opportunities for Travel 

When you choose to move to one of the many retirement communities in Florida, you can do so knowing that the fun doesn’t end here.

  • With airports in cities like Orlando, Fort Meyers, Tampa, Miami, Daytona, Key West, Orlando and more, Florida is home to one of the highest number of major airports in any state.
  • And if you don’t feel like flying, our community’s location in central Florida is within driving distance of many popular destinations such as Disney World and Busch Gardens. 

Here at Water’s Edge of Lake Wales, you have many possibilities for adventure!

6. Vacation Destinations 

While traveling to places outside the state is a benefit of living in a Florida retirement community, another reason why seniors should consider retiring here is the fact that the state itself is a popular vacation destination.

By living in a location already attractive to travelers, you’re setting yourself up for more visits from friends and family. Whether they’re trying to expose themselves to warmer weather or de-stress, there are many reasons why visitors may feel more inclined to come and spend time in Florida.

7. Healthcare Availability

Seniors can be one step closer to peace of mind when they consider retirement communities in Florida. This is because there are many healthcare clinics and hospitals in the state near our central location. 

Since Florida is a larger state, it will be easier for seniors to find the healthcare they may come to need compared to what may be available in a small town with limited options. 

The numerous high-ranked hospitals in the state include: 

  • Cleveland Clinic – Florida
  • Tampa General Hospital
  • Sarasota Memorial Hospital
  • Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa

Here at Water’s Edge of Lake Wales, we also offer our residents assisted living and memory care services to give our seniors as many options for their needs as possible.

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