10 Ways That Playing Golf Regularly Can Benefit Your Overall Health

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golf for seniors

Seniors who take part in active, independent living, like that promoted by Water’s Edge of Lake Wales, love to engage in a wide variety of activities. At our premier senior living community, we offer a wide variety of resident activities and groups so that our seniors never run out of wonderful things to do!

There are a host of things to do around our community, though, as Florida’s popularity as a tourist destination and its year-round pleasant weather provides so many opportunities for fulfillment. One such opportunity is heading to the golf course, something that’s good for the body, the mind, and socialization. So let’s take a look at all golf can provide for seniors!

The Physical Advantages of Golf

If you love the game of golf, or are thinking of taking up, you’ll be glad to hear about all the great health benefits it can supply. These include:

  • During 18 holes of golf, the average golfer walks four total miles! Considering that many people try to incorporate 10,000 steps into their daily lives (equating to about five miles), this puts those who regularly golf nearly at their daily goal.
  • As Golf Digest Magazine notes, the average golfer burns more than 1,400 calories over the course of walking 18 holes, and 850 if they ride in a cart between holes.
  • The walking that golfers engage in also aids in building muscle strength and promotes good cardiovascular health, two things very beneficial to seniors.
  • The act of swinging a golf club additionally strengthens muscles in the core, along with others in the forearms, chest, buttocks, and back. These motions, when done with care and incorporating a stretching routine, can even help to reduce or prevent lower back pain.

The Mental Advantages of Golf

Along with the wide array of benefits for your physical health, golf also supplies numerous advantages for your mental health. These include:

  • To be successful at golf, players need to take a lot of things into consideration – wind direction, the depth of the grass, where the ball currently lies, the speed of various greens, and more – all of which promote cognitive skills.
  • Golf also helps to encourage strategic thinking, something that often is reduced once someone is no longer in the workplace.
  • Those who play gold also get a regular release of endorphins during play, hormones that aid in boosting your overall mood and sense of wellbeing.

The Social Advantages of Golf

Golf also promotes bonding and a sense of community, both of which can have positive impacts on your physical and mental health. Key advantages include:

  • Golf gives you a recurring, scheduled event that you and your friends can look forward to, and one that you’re able to move other obligations around.
  • Mental stimulation, such as that provided by golf as listed above, is actually promoted when sharing in an activity with like-minded individuals. When playing a game with friends, you’ll push each other both competitively and collaboratively, both being ways to keep your mind nimble.
  • Regularly engaging in social activities with other seniors has also been shown to reduce stress and increase lifespan, meaning golf can be a terrific long-term hobby to take up with your friends!

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