9 Health Benefits of Physical Therapy Treatment for Seniors

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As we age, our health needs intrinsically change, leading us to reexamine our daily routines, our wellness plans, and our what-ifs. With this in mind, we at Water’s Edge of Lake Wales believe it’s essential to convey key health information on our blog to our seniors and their loved ones to help answer any questions and facilitate easy transitions during times of reduced health.

Physical therapy can be incredibly advantageous to seniors who are recovering from a health condition, or for those who are largely healthy but want to ward off future problems. Let’s take a look at all that physical therapy can provide!

Advantages to Physical Therapy

  • Increasing Mobility – Whether you have suffered a fall, are recovering from surgery, or simply are looking to loosen up your joints and prevent potential health problems, physical therapy can be greatly beneficial for your mobility. Along with stretch bands and resistance training, engaging in water aerobics can be a terrific option because the water both provides resistance for your body to work against as well as a cushion of sorts that will prevent any trips or falls.
  • Increasing Strength – Going hand in hand with increasing mobility is increasing strength, which in turn can help to prevent a lot of problems down the line. A firm grip, and strong ankles and knees, can go a long way in preventing falls around the home. You can find countless strength exercises online, and your healthcare professionals at your retirement community should have a variety of options for you as well.
  • Reducing Pain – Depending upon your symptoms, or what kinds of treatments or surgeries you have recently undergone, your doctor may recommend physical therapy for reducing pain. Because of the increase in mobility and strength that you can see with the use of various therapy methods, inflammation can be reduced and your body can continue to heal itself.
  • Treating Chronic Pain – Not only can physical therapy be useful in the treatment of specific pain that arises due to an ailment, an injury, or surgery, but it can be greatly beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain that a senior may have had for years or decades. This could be related to something like an old sports injury, an accident, or simply the regular wear and tear of the body. But by incorporating a few physical therapy exercises into your routine, you could alleviate some of your pain on a long-term basis.
  • Avoiding Opioids for Pain Management – While opioids have a lot of benefits when it comes to treating specific and chronic pain, any medication can have side effects, with opioids additionally having the potential for addiction. Since physical therapy is a natural pain relief method that utilizes stretching, strength training, resistance training and more, and avoids the pitfalls of medication, you won’t have to worry about these types of problems.
  • Recovering from a Stroke – For all of the reasons listed above and more, physical therapy can be a great boon to those who have recently suffered a stroke. Once their bodies are in a fit enough condition to implement the activities, physical therapies can help them to regain mobility and strength and in some cases bring them back to pre-stroke levels of health, or close to them.
  • Coping with the Effects of a Chronic Illness – Along with the benefits for chronic pain listed above, there are additionally advantages for those who face chronic illnesses. Diabetes is one such example, with low-level activities helping patients to burn calories and increase their heart rates, reducing the effects of the disease. Another example is cancer, with certain therapies aimed at reducing swelling in affected areas and improving a patient’s range of motion.
  • Reducing the Effects of Arthritis – As outlined in other areas of this post, physical therapies have the potential to increase balance, mobility, and strength, along with reducing inflammation of the joints. All of these factors make physical therapies perfectly suited for those who suffer from bouts of arthritis.
  • Staying Fit and Flexible – One of the best uses for physical therapy is implementing some of the methodologies before you ever face health problems as a preventative measure. By increasing your mobility, strength, balance, and more on a regular basis through various doctor-approved exercises, you can help ward off a wide variety of issues that you might otherwise face. Be sure to talk to your doctor and healthcare professionals to get ideas on the kinds of activities you can work into your daily and weekly routines.

Healthy Activities You Can Start Utilizing

As part of your future physical therapy, or as a complement to it, there are a variety of low-impact exercises you can incorporate into your routine. Some examples include:

  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Swimming and water aerobics
  • Seated exercises
    • Shoulder circles
    • Knee lifts
    • Seated tap dancing
    • Toe taps
    • Stomach twists

You can engage in activities like these at Water’s Edge of Lake Wales because not only do we have a state-of-the-art fitness facility, but we also have a heated pool on site, both of which offer plenty of opportunities for physical fitness.

We can additionally provide a variety of other health services at our community, including, but not limited to, nutrition counseling, fitness classes and personal programs for enhanced well-being, and educational programs on wellness and disease prevention.

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