10 Wholesome Hobbies That Retired Seniors Can Pursue This Summer

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hobbies for seniors

No matter your age, it’s important to keep your mind sharp and engaged. By picking up a hobby in retirement, you’ll keep your brain stimulated all while doing something that you genuinely enjoy!

Retirement is your time to escape the stresses of the workforce that have preoccupied your mind in previous years. Now is your time to enjoy yourself and grow as a person.

To help you along on your journey, we laid out ten great hobbies that are perfect to take up while you settle in at the Water’s Edge of Bradenton community.

10 Fulfilling Hobbies for Independent Living Seniors

1. Gardening

Gardening is a very mentally stimulating activity that can provide a lot of peace and stress relief while letting you learn about a wide variety of wildlife.

Residents at Water’s Edge of Bradenton look forward to the hours spent outside on our lush campus, or inside with the houseplants! Gardening is a very common hobby for the residents at our Florida retirement community.

2. Photography

The campus at Water’s Edge of Bradenton provides beautiful scenery for those who are interested in taking up photography. This hobby is a great way for individuals to express themselves in an artistic manner and document some precious memories to boot!

Photography also offers seniors the chance to have some private time and focus on what they are doing in that moment. It’s a terrific way to stay active during walks, trips and more.

3. Painting

With a variety of lounges throughout our facility, residents have the opportunity to either paint by themselves or engage in a social atmosphere and paint for fun! Either way, painting is a great independent living activity to relieve stress and promote mental stability by focusing on the task at hand, and you can make some lovely new decorations for your home.

4. Reading

It’s no secret you can achieve peace of mind when you curl up with a book that interests you. And reading helps you grow your vocabulary, keeps your mind focused, and lets you learn about endless topics.

At Water’s Edge of Bradenton, there are a variety of lounges that offer residents a quiet place where they can become fully immersed in their newest book!

5. Dancing

Dancing is a great way to maintain your healthy lifestyle at Water’s Edge of Bradenton! You’ll be able to keep yourself relaxed, energized, and engaged with all the dance moves you’ll pick up.

Our auditorium is the perfect area for residents to show off their moves, exercise, and make friends all in one!

6. Bird Watching

Florida is home to a very diverse ecosystem with all kinds of animals. One hobby that many of our residents enjoy is bird watching, which helps them unwind and relax in an outdoor environment while identifying various species.

With the walking paths and open spaces found throughout our campus, you’ll have plenty of areas to scope out!

7. Swimming

When you’re a resident of Florida, you want to enjoy the beautiful weather as much as you can! And with the warm temperatures and area beaches, swimming is a terrific way to take in Florida and stay physically active.

But you don’t have to go far to get your laps in. We provide a beautiful outdoor pool for our residents. Our pool is heated, and our community offers a variety of classes and free swim time, so it’s easy to stay fit all year round!

8. Writing

Many seniors find comfort and peace of mind in the art of writing. By adding writing to your list of hobbies, you’ll be able to better express yourself, reflect on memories, and log your daily thoughts and adventures.

Water’s Edge of Bradenton’s library and quiet lounge are great places to head to if you want a peaceful spot to get started.

9. Genealogy

Genealogy has recently become one of the more popular hobbies to be a part of. Tracing your roots, conducting research, and talking to distant family members can provide you with a thrill and some great personal insights.

To get started on your adventure, make sure that you check out our Discovery Corridor, the computer lab located in the Town Center!

10. Working Out

At Water’s Edge of Bradenton, we have a state-of-the-art fitness center to help you stay fit and engaged. If you’re looking for a way to keep yourself active, our fitness center is the place to be, and you can try out some low-impact exercises while you’re there.

Working out is a great way to release stress all while clearing your head and promoting positive physical and mental health!

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Starting a new hobby is extremely fulfilling and has never been easier at Water’s Edge of Bradenton! With access to the Town Center, residents look forward to growing more passionate about their hobby and getting to know others who share their interests.

Contact our team today to learn more about Water’s Edge of Bradenton and how you can live the lifestyle you deserve when you choose our Florida retirement community.