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When most people think about retirement, they think about Florida and everything it has to offer. With warm weather, a low cost of living, plenty of water, sunshine, beaches and more, what’s not to love?

Once you decide to enjoy your retirement in Florida, the next question is: Which part of the state do you want to live in? With more than 65,000 square miles to choose from, there are certainly plenty of options.

While some areas and cities in Florida are perfect for vacationing, they aren’t always ideal places to live year-round.

Although many people flock to retirement communities in St. Petersburg, Sarasota or even Tampa, one of the best places to enjoy your retirement years is Bradenton, Florida, a hidden gem nestled on the west coast of the state.

The History of Bradenton

Bradenton is a historically rich city with close proximity to Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota. Let’s take a look at some of the local history:

  • The area that would later become the city of Bradenton we know today was first explored in 1539 during the famous Spanish expedition led by explorer Hernando De Soto.
  • Originally called Bradentown, the city was named in 1903 after Dr. Joseph Braden, whose fortress-like house served as a refuge for settlers during Native American attacks.
  • Braden moved his family to Manatee County after losing everything in the bank panic of 1838, hoping to get a fresh start and establish a sugar plantation. Unfortunately, the sugar crops didn’t grow well in the Florida coastal weather and the family moved away.
  • Much of the Braden house was later destroyed in a fire. You can, however, visit the remnants of the Braden Castle at Braden Castle Park.

Lastly, in 1943, the city of Bradentown merged with the first settlement of the area, Manatee (founded in 1888) to form the modern city of Bradenton.

Take Advantage of Bradenton Senior Living

The city of Bradenton and the surrounding area provides a wide variety of activities and attractions that will help you enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

Whether you like spending time outdoors in the beautiful sunshine or prefer the air conditioning of museums, Bradenton truly has something for everyone.

Lower Cost of Living

For many people, being retired means living on a fixed income, making it even more important to know where your money is going. Some of the financial benefits of Florida include:

  • The state imposes no personal income taxes, meaning your retirement income is also not taxed.
  • Choosing to live in a Florida retirement community means you can also avoid paying property taxes, which allows you to spend more of your money doing the things you love.
  • While some cities, such as Miami, may be more expensive to live in, the entire state of Florida has a relatively low cost of living compared to other locations across the country.

Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Take advantage of Bradenton’s warm and sunny weather while enjoying an active lifestyle with the numerous activities throughout the area.

Staying active as we age will help keep us happier and healthier, so why not appreciate the great outdoors at the same time?

  • Surrounded by both fresh and salt water, Bradenton offers many boating, kayaking and fishing opportunities. And with more than 20 miles of Florida beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, there are also plenty of places to go for a swim.
  • If you’d rather stay on dry land, you can take a stroll along the Riverwalk (a 1.5-mile park overlooking the Manatee River and spanning downtown Bradenton) or through one of the city’s many other beautiful parks.
  • For the sports lovers, play at one of the city’s 25 golf courses, head over to McKechnie Field to cheer on the Bradenton Marauders, or check out the Pittsburgh Pirates’ spring training facilities.

There’s so much to do, so you’ll never run out of exciting ways to stay active!

Shopping and Dining Options

Bradenton, Florida is a city of variety. Whether it’s the various activities or the dining and shopping options, there’s something for everyone.

Grab a bite to eat at one of Bradenton’s local eateries and spend the day shopping at hundreds of stores and boutiques, or visit the Red Barn Flea Market and Plaza, which is home to more than 600 flea market booths and shops.

You can also visit the Downtown Bradenton Farmers’ Market every Saturday from October to May to experience local art, music, fresh produce and more.

History, Art and More

Experience Bradenton’s rich history yourself at one of the city’s many historical landmarks and museums.

  • Stroll through Manatee Village Historical Park, where you can see dozens of restored or replicated buildings dating back to the late 1800s.
  • Visit the South Florida Museum, Bishop Planetarium and Parker Manatee Aquarium in a single trip.
  • Bradenton’s downtown is a compact area, making it easy to walk from place to place, but if you head just a little bit south, you can check out Bradenton’s Village of the Arts.

In this neighborhood district, residents live and work in their own homes, converting once rundown houses into studios, galleries, restaurants and more. It’s just one of the many treasures hidden in Bradenton!

Fun for the Whole Family

If you’d like to venture beyond the city, Bradenton is in the perfect location for a day or weekend trip to one of the many amusement parks and attractions Florida is known for. Living in Bradenton allows you to easily access some of the state’s main tourist attractions without having to suffer the headaches of heavy tourist traffic.

So get ready to pack up the family and head to Disney World, Universal Studios or one of the many other attractions nearby.

A Step Above St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Tampa Retirement Communities

Unlike the retirement communities you’ll find in Sarasota, Tampa or St. Petersburg, we have everything you need to truly enjoy senior living in Florida. At Water’s Edge of Bradenton, we take independent and assisted living to another level.

Here are just a few of the ways we strive to provide you with the best senior living in the state:

  • We offer nine different floor plans for you to choose from, so you can find the one that best fits your individual needs and accommodates your active lifestyle.
  • Each of our senior apartments features a variety of services and amenities, including individually controlled heating and cooling and even a personal screened lanai so you can enjoy the beautiful weather from your own home.
  • In our community, your health and wellness is a priority. We have a fitness center available for group exercise programs and individual personal training. We also have a Wellness Resource Center on-site staffed with nurses and other healthcare professionals.
  • Beyond your physical health, we also offer numerous opportunities for you to interact with active seniors just like you through community activities and clubs.
  • With our unique Town Center - featuring a swimming pool, movie theater, auditorium and more - there’s never a shortage of exciting things to do right outside your door.
  • And if you need a little extra assistance, we also offer assisted living services to give you the help you need when you need it.

All of this, combined with our ideal location - which puts you in close proximity to St. Petersburg, Tampa and Sarasota - makes us the clear choice in Florida retirement communities.

Learn More About Bradenton Senior Living

Want to learn more about everything the city of Bradenton has to offer? Contact us at Water’s Edge of Bradenton and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!