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Bradenton luxury senior livingAt Water’s Edge of Bradenton, we encourage our residents to live a fun lifestyle with a focus on wellness. And one of our greatest amenities for our seniors is our heated outdoor pool.

From kicking back and relaxing to soaking up some sunshine to getting a good workout in, there are a variety of benefits you can gain by taking advantage of our outdoor heated pool. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

4 Ways to Stay Fit with Water Exercises

Check out this list of exercises that you can do solo or with friends in our outdoor heated pool, courtesy of the Mayo Clinic, Livestrong, and AARP

  • Flutter Kicking
    This exercise is best performed with a kickboard, but if you don’t have one, holding on to the ledge of the pool is fine too. All you need to do is gracefully kick your legs, as if you were swimming. This is a great way to get the blood flowing!
  • Arm Curls
    Stand in an area with a comfortable water height, and with your water weights in hand carefully curl them out and then back toward your chest. Repeat sets of 5 as many times as you can.
  • Aqua Jogging
    Get your heart pumping with this low-impact activity. Simply do a slow-paced jogging movement around the pool, back and forth like laps, or even aqua jog in place. The natural cushion of the water gives you support during this great aerobic exercise.
  • Leg Lifts
    During this exercise, you can either stand with your arms out if you feel balanced enough, or hold on to the pool ledge. Then, alternate between both legs, raising them to your front or side, with your knee either bent or extended, whichever way feels more natural.
  • Resistance Kicks
    With a kickboard, stand up with your legs comfortably apart and extend your right arm and hold the kickboard on each end. Then, move the kickboard toward the center of your body. Repeat on both sides of your body until you're fatigued. 

The Top Benefits of Swimming and Working Out in the Pool

Bradenton luxury senior living

1. Easier on the Joints
Do you suffer from pesky conditions such as joint pain or arthritis but still want to stay fit as you age? If the answer is yes, then trying underwater exercising is the perfect solution for you! The water creates a lower amount of impact on your joints and muscles so you can workout with ease and not have the repercussions of normal workouts!

2. Excellent for Cardio
Like we mentioned in the section above, the exercises listed are just a few of many that you can use to get some great cardio into your daily routine without the strain of normal workouts.

3. Strengthens a Variety of Muscles
From leg lifts to aqua jogging, no matter what exercise you decide to do, you’ll be engaging with more than just one area of muscle in your body, which is one reason pool exercises can be so beneficial.

4. It’s Enjoyable!
Not only is playing in the pool fun, but you are also able to take advantage of the gorgeous Florida sunshine in Bradenton and spend some time outdoors! And having fun is a big part of the lifestyle we like to promote to our residents.

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