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Many people believe they are "giving up" or "giving in" by moving to a community like Water's Edge of Bradenton. Or, that it's the "last resort" when all other options are exhausted, their health requires them to make a change, or both. Fact is, these perceptions are the exact opposite of what Water's Edge of Bradenton is about.

Here, you aren't "giving up" or "giving in." You're embracing a wise and optimistic plan for the future, which will allow you to get the most out of life. Water's Edge of Bradenton isn't a "last choice." It's the best choice for all, encompassing living that lets you do what you've always dreamed, what you've worked a lifetime to achieve – while you are healthy and active. It's the ultimate in independence and freedom with the added assurance of having a plan in place should your needs and situation change.

And as a rental senior living community, you can enjoy all that Water's Edge of Bradenton has to offer for one monthly fee. Knowing you are maintaining your assets – paying only for the services and support you need as you need them – versus paying out what can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in entrance fees at other retirement communities provides tremendous value.