4 Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for an Assisted Living or Memory Care Community

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Assisted living and memory care in Florida

When it is time to start looking into assisted living and memory care communities, you want the absolute best for your parent or loved one. Although the process of researching different elderly home communities may be tedious and time consuming, it will result in a decision that will ultimately affect the life of your parent or loved one.

Before researching, it is imperative to become aware of four common mistakes to avoid when choosing an assisted living facility in Bradenton, Florida or anywhere else. Let’s take a look.

Mistake #1: Rushing into the Process

Prior to choosing a community, it’s extremely important to conduct a large amount of research into different senior housing options. This can be a lengthy process if you are looking to place your parent or loved one in the hands of professionals at a great assisted living or memory care community like ours in Bradenton.

By delaying proper research and decision making until a change or emergency arises, you may be left scrambling for the right solution. It’s important to feel confident in your options and the ultimate decision that will deeply impact your parent or loved one.

Some ways that you can advance the research process and get closer to finding assisted care facilities that are right for your loved one include:

  • Requesting brochures from communities that outline their assisted care services
  • Scheduling a tour at different facilities for a greater understanding of their culture and priorities
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Mistake #2: Conducting the Process by Yourself

Adult children who are seeking the right assisted living or memory care community for their parent or loved one must take into account their values and personal opinions. Sometimes during the decision-making process, however, it can be extremely easy to put your own wants and values before the person who will actually be living in a community.

Some ways to make the process of finding an assisted living or memory care facility a more collaborative matter include:

  • Bringing your parent or loved one along to visit and tour a variety of communities
  • Having a conversation with your parents or loved one where both of you outline your priorities and must-haves in their assisted living or memory care center

By adding the above ideas into your research, your parent or loved one will in turn feel more comfortable moving in to a memory care or assisted living community since they will have been actively involved in the process.

Mistake #3: Overemphasizing Location Alone

Once you have conducted the research process, it is important to narrow down your favorite communities that have a lot to offer your parent or loved one. If you find yourself overstressing the importance of proximity and travel time, you may miss out on a community that has more to offer even if it’s a little farther away.

In addition to location, other things you can place an emphasis on for assisted living housing include:

  • The specific levels of care offered at the top assisted living communities
  • What social activities, if any, are offered for seniors at these care levels
  • Other community features, such as security options for your loved one

Although location is important – especially for those seeking assisted living in Bradenton, FL – there are a number of other factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding on your loved one’s continuing care community.

Mistake #4: Not Acknowledging Future Needs

One of the other aspects to avoid is only looking for a community to cover your parent’s or loved one’s current health requirements. As time goes on, it is very common to require specialized care options for different needs.

Since some facilities choose to offer only certain levels of care, narrowing down a list of communities that offer continued care will benefit your parent or loved one in the future.

Some of the things you may want to look for when you’re choosing a long-term assisted living facility include:

  • Memory care options
  • Resources for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care

A community with a number of living options for seniors at various levels of care can allow you to have peace of mind when you’re making your decision.

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