6 Things to Look for When Deciding on a Memory Care Community

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What Is Memory Care and Is It Right for Me?

Are you a senior who has thought about joining a community for assisted living with memory care in Bradenton? If so, it’s worth taking the time to learn as much about this type of care as possible, such as what exactly it is, who it can benefit, and what your care options are.

By definition, memory care is long-term care option that is for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other types of memory-related illnesses and disorders.

This type of service can provide peace of mind to residents and their loved ones because not only will seniors receive Alzheimer’s care and/or dementia care, but these types of communities, like Water’s Edge, also often provide residents with private access to 24/7 support from medical professionals.

Additionally, memory care and dementia care facilities will get to know you and can develop a personal care plan based on your specific set of circumstances and needs. From a diet plan to medication distribution, the staff within the best dementia care facilities will be there for you every step of the way.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Deciding on a Memory Care Community

As you become more familiar with memory care and get a better idea of what services are offered within this living option, a worthwhile next step before you settle into a new community would be to decide what your priorities are. You can begin to do this by asking yourself questions like:

  • What do I want to get out of my memory care experience?
  • What are the most important things I want in a community?
  • What type of living arrangements would I like to have?

Since everyone’s preferences and needs for senior care will be different, we’ve come up with a running list of aspects you should look for in an assisted living with memory care community:

1. A Variety of Unique Features

When you’re researching options for Alzheimer's help in the area, it’s important to also look for communities that have unique features. These could be anything from regular movie nights to water aerobics classes, or even a scenic view.

Memory care communities that are able to offer unique benefits to their residents will certainly stand out from other areas that have only assisted living with memory care.

Some of our unique features are seen in the amenities we offer to seniors, which include elements such as:

  • Indoor and outdoor sitting lounges
  • Multipurpose rooms for activities
  • Chef-prepared meals
  • A full event calendar

2. Compassionate Care

The best communities that offer Alzheimer's help, dementia care, and other memory care services in Bradenton and elsewhere display a significant degree of compassion and understanding from the staff. This compassion could come in many forms such as allowing seniors to make their own schedules or providing assistance with everyday tasks.

Here at Water’s Edge of Bradenton, we offer our own compassionate memory care that is personalized to each resident. This is because each senior will come in with varying wants and needs, as well as priorities that our team is happy to cater to.

3. Access to Useful Resources

Whether you’re new to the Bradenton area or not, it’s still very helpful to have access to a variety of local resources from your memory care community. These resources could be anything from a list of local beaches to restaurant recommendations when a visitor comes into town.

To make these accessible to anyone, we created an online master list of essential local resources in Bradenton that you can refer to at any time. Our guide includes useful information, such as:

  • Local parks and beaches
  • Nearby grocery stores
  • Bradenton governmental offices

Another way to learn about the area or to have your questions about Bradenton answered is to ask either one of our team members or another resident.

4. A Focus on Health and Wellness

Given that you’re looking for memory and/or Alzheimer’s care, belonging to a facility that places an emphasis on healthy living is a choice that just makes sense.

Here within our memory care community, we offer a focus on wellness with a variety of incentives. These include giving seniors access to our workout room and fitness classes, preparing nutritious meals regularly, and providing opportunities to grow mentally with options such as book clubs and educational series.

5. Comfortable Living Arrangements

When you’re seeking out the best Alzheimer’s care facilities, one priority that should be at the top of your list is a living arrangement that’s comfortable for you. It is helpful during your research process to have a set answer to various housing questions such as whether you’d like to live by yourself or with others, and how many rooms you’d like to have.

Within the Water’s Edge of Bradenton community, we have a new memory care and assisted living building that has been equipped with a number of units. Each of these units provides space, comfort and privacy for our seniors, as well as access to the following:

  • 4 indoor sitting lounges
  • 2 exterior sitting lounges
  • 3 multi-purpose rooms
  • 1 quiet lounge

Within these areas, seniors can choose to socialize with others, read a book, get some peace and quiet, and more.

6. A Friendly, Close-Knit Community

Perhaps one of the most important things to look for in your future memory care community is how close-knit and friendly its staff and residents are. Living in an area where people shut themselves out from others is a very different experience than living in a community where people are social and willing to help each other if needed.

If being in an area with real camaraderie is a priority for you, this is something you’ll greatly appreciate about Water’s Edge of Bradenton. Although our community is home to seniors from all different walks of life, our team still strives to offer ways to unite everyone, such as through regular in-house events, outings, and more.

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