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Your One-Stop Marketing Shop

Welcome! This is your one-stop shop for links to resources for all your marketing needs. Below you will find which vendor provides what materials.

Illustratus – For Housing Sites, Seniors Living, Senior Services, and Corporate.

Go to Illustratus for…
• Flyers
• Brochures
• Customized forms
• Business cards
• Banners & bandit signs
• National Church Residences branded collateral material
• Resident newsletters
• Miscellaneous print materials

*If you have not used Illustratus before to print a property newsletter, you will need to create an account. To create an account, please contact Jess Dusenbery at:

Instruction to Regain Occupancy – Click the link below!

Affordable Housing Marketing Toolkit



Go to LogoSpeed for…
• Clothing & logo wear
• Flags (logo flags, state flags, and U.S. flags)
• Promotional items
Need help? Call the LOGOSPEEED customer service at 614.568.7555

Special Note: A link to Land’s End is available for those who prefer that brand (Land’s End has all approved logos) – but you will be asked to provide a credit card for all purchases through the Land’s End website. Click HERE!


Additional Resources!
• National Church Residences Brand Style Guide (Download Here)
• Logo color palette (Download Here)
• Photo/video consent form (Download Here)

Order Maintenance Refrigerator Magnets click HERE!

Manager’s Guide to Employee Recognition & Incentives click HERE!

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