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Working From Home as a Senior

Uncategorized | July 28, 2021

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Online Coaching

The pandemic and the quick evolution of technology has opened the gates for senior citizens to put their experience and knowledge to use from the comfort of their own home. The majority of the people reading this article should have at least seen or heard a bit of the new trend of online jobs from home, which has seen a huge explosion in popularity in the last couple of years, particularly due to the pandemic circumstances which affected the whole world. With many different job opportunities in all kinds of fields, online work has become a go-to option for senior citizens, particularly those with special needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options out there.

Freelance Writer

We begin with one of the most in-demand jobs since the pandemic began to affect everything. There are numerous advantages to working as a freelance writer over traditional employment. Freelancers usually make their own schedules based on the amount of work assigned to them, allowing them to devote more time to other aspects of their lives. Furthermore, freelance writing helps us develop and refine our knowledge on a variety of topics. Writers who are fluent in more than one language are usually in high demand, especially in the online gambling industry, and can expect to earn more money per article. This is especially true for writers who are knowledgeable about sports betting. As an example, the Spanish betting site DrApuestas claims to pay up to $100 for good articles. While this is higher than the national average, the bottom line is that subject expertise pays more.

Apart from being a well-paid activity in general, many freelancers take advantage of the opportunity to work online and live in Spain or Portugal, where their earnings allow them to live comfortably. However, the main disadvantage of the freelance scale is its reliance on assigned work and income insecurity, as freelancers tend to earn more one month and less the next.

Online Coaching

Due to the increasing necessity of professional and personal development, online coaching for many different topics is a really popular way of increasing your monthly income from the comfort of your house. Ranging from classic subjects like maths or chemistry to more modern ones such as programming or language learning, online coaches have become the educators of the modern world. Many online coaches have ended up working at institutes and universities due to the demand of people with technological, technical, and pedagogical prowess needed to teach in the face of the pandemic, so for many of you out there it should be actually quite easy.


If you have high levels of proficiency in any given language, then being a translator or interpreter may just be the job for you. One of the highest-paid online professions in this list, interpreters, and translators are sought out virtually every day by people who need documents translated for many different purposes, such as immigration, and back-to-back interpreters are always welcomed in any online meetings between companies based in different countries. Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, German, French, are some of the most common languages requested by people who need to translate documents, so the list is wide and the opportunities are plentiful.

Customer Service

While decidedly more stressful than the other members on this list, many companies have reached out in the pandemic to people who are willing to answer calls and solve customers’ problems from the comfort of their own houses. A more traditional line of work than the other members of the list, people skills are a must for this particular case, as more often than not you will be on the receiving end of angry people.

Closing The List

These are just some of the most popular options for senior citizens looking to work from home, many more different opportunities exist, so take this list as just the beginning of your own professional investigation, and choose a job that suits your preferences dear readers.



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