Employee Benefits

The Benefits of Being a National Church Residences Team Member


Here is a brief overview of our health and other generous benefits:

Medical And Dental Insurance

National Church Residences offers a combined health insurance plan containing a medical insurance and dental insurance program. Medical Insurance: An HMO or PPO package is available - please inquire for details.  Dental Insurance: This plan pays 100% of preventative care (two check-ups per year) outside of the deductible. The plan also pays 80% of all covered charges up to $1,250 per calendar year after a $100 deductible and $2,500 for orthodontics. United Health Care is the dental plan administrator for all facilities, with the exception of Puerto Rico.

Life and Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

This term life insurance policy includes a double indemnity clause which doubles the amount of insurance if death is incurred due to an accident. The amount of this policy is one times annual salary. (Minimum $10,000) 

Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability pays 60% of gross weekly income up to $1,150 for 13 weeks due to absence from illness or accident.

Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability pays 60% of gross monthly income until age 65 for disabilities over 13 weeks in duration.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care insurance provides a benefit of up to $1,500 a month for you to receive care in a long term care facility or a nursing home for up to two years.

Voluntary Supplemental Term Life

This policy gives you the opportunity to purchase additional term life insurance for yourself, spouse or children on a voluntary basis.

Voluntary Long Term Care

This policy allows you to purchase additional long term care insurance for yourself, spouse, parents, grandparents and in-laws at group rates, on a voluntary basis.

Retirement Plan / 3-4-5 Plan

For those who meet the eligiblity requirements, National Church Residences contributes an amount equal to 3%, 4% or 5% of your gross bi-weekly pay (based on your length of service) to a tax deferred trust. You can also contribute, up to 75% of your bi-weekly compensation, on a tax-deferred basis. If you choose to contribute,  National Church Residences will match up to 3%, 4% or 5% of your contribution (based on your length of service). Numerous investment options are available. You can begin contributions at any time. After one year of service National Church Residences begins contributing the base and will match up to 3% of your contribution.

Vesting in the plan is:

  • Two Years of service - 25%
  • Three Years of service - 50%
  • Four Years of service - 75%
  • Five Years of service - 100%

Other Benefits

National Church Residences University

National Church Residences University has been established to meet the immediate and future educational needs of National Church Residences employees as well as offer career advancement opportunities. The highly interactive curriculum is designed to promote individual performance development and accomplish specific community, regional and company goals. 

Health Care Spending Account

This benefit permits you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for medical and/or dental expenses that are not covered under an insurance program. This account is similar to a savings account where deductions are made from your paycheck and deposited into this account. These contributions can only be spent on uncovered health care expenses, e.g. deductibles, co-pays, glasses and orthodontia.

Dependent Care Spending Account

This benefit, similar to the Health Care Spending Account permits you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for dependent care expenses. This account is similar to a savings account where deductions are made from your paycheck and deposited into this account. These contributions can only be spent on dependent care including child and adult day care.

Employee Assistance Program

National Church Residences' Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a professional, confidential counseling service provided for you, as a National Church Residences employee, and your family members. This service is available at no cost to you or your family.

Smoking Cessation Program

National Church Residences provides 100% reimbursement for the completion of an approved Smoking Cessation Program. Reimbursement will be given after successful completion of the program up to a maximum of $200.00.

Consolatory Payment

In the event of the death of an employee, National Church Residences will pay an amount equal to one month's pay to the named beneficiary. This payment is made immediately and is in addition to any other program in which the employee participates. This consolatory payment is provided to assist with immediate financial needs during a difficult time.

Credit Union

As a National Church Residences employee you are eligible to join the BMI Union.

Tuition Assistance

National Church Residences provides financial assistance to you as a regular, full-time employee, if you would like to take courses required for your job or are deemed helpful in your career with National Church Residences. Tuition assistance is at 80% of the class fee with a maximum annual benefit of $1,000. Tuition Assistance requires one year of service for participation. 


Vacation is accrued on a biweekly basis.

Service Accrual per Year

  • 0-5 years = 2 weeks
  • At 5 year anniversary to 10 years = 3 weeks
  • At 10 year anniversary and up =  4 weeks

Six days per year accrued at 1/2 day per month.


Nine holidays per year that includes two personal days.

Additional Benefits

Dental Plan

We provide orthodontia benefits to all covered participants. Following the $100 deductible, the plan will pay 50% of the cost up to a lifetime benefit of $2,000 per covered individual.

Wellness Credit Incentives

National Church Residences believes that a healthy lifestyle will reduce health risks and enhance productivity. Wellness Credits are provided as an incentive to staff to make voluntary lifestyle changes. If you are enrolled in National Church Residences' health insurance programs you have the opportunity to qualify for a Health Insurance rebate of $125 single or $250 family by meeting the qualifications.