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To commemorate Veterans Day, we interviewed two of our residents who are veterans, Gary Brinkman and Hal Tripp. Keep reading to learn more about them and what this holiday means to them.

Q: Which branch of the military did you serve under and what was your rank?

Gary – Army Spec. 4.

Hal – Army Air Corps.

Q: When and where did you serve? Were you drafted or did you enlist? (If you enlisted, why did you choose the branch that you chose?)

Gary – Drafted after a week of basic, I enlisted. Ft. Riley, KS; Ft. Gordon, GA; Vietnam; Germany; and in 1968-1971, Ft. Knox, KY.

Hal – I was sent overseas to Africa (Dran, Algiers) then spent about a year in Italy. I enlisted May 15, 1941 – more pay.

Q: What was your main job assignment during your time in the service, and what was this experience like?

Gary – Communication working in tight close quarters.

Hal – I flew in a B-17 heavy bomber as a Bombardier/Navigator.

Q: What were some of your most memorable experiences during your time in the service?

Gary – Slept on the ground in basic, overcome with carbon monoxide in school after basic. In jail in France while on leave from Germany.

Hal – Being shot down twice – and meeting the Pope.

Q: How long did you serve for, and what direction did you take your career in after your time in the service?

Gary – 3 years B.V. sight and sound.

Hal – Four years then started a furniture factory as if nothing ever happened.

Q: How do you think your experience in the military influenced your life after you finished serving, if at all?

Gary – Teaches respect, leadership, discipline.

Hal – I don’t think it changed me one way or the other.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about enlisting in the military?

Gary – It’s good for teaching, maturing.

Hal – Give it a lot of thought and ask a lot of questions.

Discounts and Resources for Veterans in Waverly, OH

A variety of national companies offer discounts to veterans who show a valid ID (*Discount may vary by location).

Businesses that Have Specials and Discounts for Veterans

  • Food and Drink
    • Applebee’s
    • IHOP
    • Longhorn Steakhouse
    • Wendy’s
    • Golden Corral
    • Arby’s
    • Chick-fil-A
    • Subway
    • Dunkin Donuts
    • Burger King
    • Buffalo Wild Wings
    • Dairy Queen
    • Boston Market
    • Carl’s Jr.
    • Cinnabon
    • Ci-Ci’s Pizza
    • Chipotle
    • Cold Stone Creamery
    • Cracker Barrel
    • Denny’s
    • Famous Dave’s
    • KFC
    • Pizza Hut
    • Popeye’s
    • Red Robin
    • Sonic
    • Texas Roadhouse
  • Shopping
    • Sears
    • Kohl’s
    • Bass Pro Shops
    • Cabela’s
    • Michaels
    • Lowes
    • Home Depot
    • Costco
    • Walgreens
    • Sam’s Club
    • Christopher & Banks
    • Coleman
    • Eddie Bauer
    • GAP
    • Old Navy
    • DSW Shoe Warehouse
    • Payless
    • Champs Sports
    • Oakley
  • Automotive
    • Various dealerships
    • Autozone
    • Ford
    • GM
    • Jeep
    • Firestone Auto Center
    • Advanced Auto Parts
    • O’Reilly Auto Parts
    • Toyota
  • Travel and Vacation
    • American Airlines
    • Amtrak
    • Best Inn
    • Best Western
    • Comfort Inn
    • Days Inn
    • Walt Disney World Resort
    • Hilton
    • Marriot
    • Ramada
    • Southwest Airlines
    • Carnival Cruises
    • Sea World
    • Six Flags
  • Technology and Entertainment
    • AT&T
    • Microsoft
    • The Apple Store
    • Dell Computers
    • Sprint
    • Verizon
    • Cinemark
    • IMAX
    • Regal Theaters
    • Local theaters

Resources Around Waverly

Events Near Waverly, OH

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