Local Restaurant Spotlight: An Interview with Emilie Smith, Manager at Tremont Goodie Shop

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First Community Village is proud of our Columbus, Ohio location because of its rich history and the variety of community activities that take place within minutes of our building. As a result, we regularly update our blog with tidbits of information that we think our residents would be interested in knowing about for both our community and the Columbus area.

One of these blog posts, The 18 Best Places to Eat in Upper Arlington, resulted in a some correspondence with one of the eateries featured: Tremont Goodie Shop.

Tremont Goodie Shop (which also goes by The Original Goodie Shop) is a bakery in Upper Arlington that specialized in cakes, cookies, donuts and more. Dating back to 1958, this restaurant has an interesting history that we wanted to know more about. To learn more, we interviewed Emilie Smith, a manager at the shop: 

  • Where did the name Tremont Goodie Shop come from?
    The original owner, Bill Wood (1958-67), named it.

  • On your website, it says your bakery has been a family-run business for nearly 60 years. Why did your family choose to open a bakery, and why was it established in Upper Arlington?
    James A. Krenek was assigned to be a baker on the Navy ship S.S. Saratoga during WWII. After returning home, he worked with his brothers (Joe, John, Stanley and Bryan) at Neighborhood Bakery in German Village. When Joe died, they closed Neighborhood Bakery and the remaining three brothers opened Kenmore Bakery off Cleveland Avenue in Columbus. After years of running that bakery, they disbanded. James A. Krenek moved on to selling bakery supplies.

    Bill Wood of Tremont Goodie Shop purchased supplies from James and asked if he knew of anyone who would want to purchase his bakery, Tremont Goodie Shop. James A. Krenek purchased Tremont Goodie Shop in October 1967. His daughter, Deborah, started working there as a high school student in 1971 and she took over ownership in 1993. In 2009, Deborah’s daughters, (me and my sister Miranda), came to work at the bakery full-time and will continue running the bakery for years to come!

  • The restaurant sector in Columbus is continually growing. What are some ways that Tremont Goodie Shop stands out against other restaurants – both new and old – in the area?
    Our longevity makes us stand out, along with our history of customer satisfaction, and the fact that we still make our baked goods from scratch in the kitchen at our shop. You can taste the difference!

  • What is the most popular menu item, and which one is your personal favorite, and why?
    Our cinnamon sticks are definitely the most popular item! You won’t find them anywhere else. We layer our sweet roll dough with korintje cinnamon and sugar and coat it in a buttery brown sugar glaze. Every bite is like the best part of the center of a cinnamon roll! Our cream horns are another popular item. The flakey pastry dough is hand-rolled here, and filled with our from-scratch cream filling.

    I personally love our thumbprint cookies – a shortbread type cookie with pecans topped with a dollop of icing. The sweet and salty combination is fabulous. I also love our chicken pot pies, which are made from scratch like everything else. Our pie dough is soft and flakey, and we make our own chicken gravy too. There are no vegetable “fillers" in our chicken pot pies. Just white chicken breast meat so you can add the vegetables you enjoy as a side dish.

  • Does your bakery have a social media presence? If so, why do you think this is important?
    Yes, we do have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s important for us so we can share information with customers who like us and follow us. These are great, free outlets to share our products and what’s going on at the bakery with customers. We’ve used social media for many reasons: announcing new products, an employee “favorites” campaign, our #CakedWithKindness adventures for #GiveKindnessColumbus month, holidays, promotions, sharing fun decorations on cakes or cookies, and much more!

  • What other Upper Arlington places and activities would you recommend for a visitor?
    We’re a small, family-owned business and appreciate other businesses like us! Most merchants in Tremont Center own small, family owned businesses – like Chef-O-Nette and Tremont Pharmacy. We also enjoy Carsonies on Lane Avenue, or Nicola’s on Reed Road. We love discovering little gems like this around town!

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