How Music Is Helping to Make a Difference in Memory Care at First Community Village

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We recently had the opportunity to talk to one of our Upper Arlington memory care team members who is involved in helping residents with music therapy. Keep reading to discover info on this particular resident program and its effects on dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

  • Can you tell us about the Music and Memory program at First Community Village? How is it structured and what are its goals?

    Our Music and Memory program at First Community Village is such a wonderful addition to our facility. Each resident has their own iPod which has music that they enjoyed while growing up. When a new resident comes to the Roxbury we have a music survey for them to fill out. Sometimes family members will help fill this out if need be.

    Additionally, we have a laptop that has a playlist via iTunes that has each resident’s music on it. This is if any resident/family member wants to add or delete music. We have laminated sheets in each resident’s room so they or their family know how to use the iPod.

    If a resident or family member wants to listen to the music they will ask the nurse, who will sign out the iPod. The iPod is in a locked cabinet as they each have their own charging unit. The goals of the Music and Memory program are to help enrich the residents’ lives and help bring back wonderful memories.
  • Does the program only apply to memory care patients, or can any resident take part?

    This program is applied to the Roxbury which is the memory care unit. We have not implemented this to our Assisted Living, Independent Living, or Healthcare areas.
  • What kinds of musical activities do you do with the memory care patients?

    Music is one of the most important elements that we use when working with the residents on a day to day basis. We don’t like to have the living room quiet. For that reason, music is always playing. We do offer a Love Music Memories program where we will get information about any musical artist that the residents enjoyed while growing up.

    After we talk about the artist we will play the artist’s most popular songs. At times, we will get up with a resident and we’ll dance to the music. We also try and make sure that the residents have at least two music entertainers each week.
  • In what ways do the musical activities help memory care patients?

    The music and memory program has helped our residents in many ways. One time that really stood out was when a resident had trouble eating on their own. Before lunch started we put the music on for the resident. Then when the resident was eating lunch they did it without any assistance. The resident’s aide watched in amazement how she didn’t need to assist for lunch.
  • Are there certain types of music that are more effective than others – perhaps music residents listened to when they were younger, classical music, etc.?

    There is a large variation in age at the facility. Of course, each person reacts to music differently. We believe that some songs bring back good memories and others not so much. In one instance, we were playing some music from Elvis. For most of the songs they are upbeat and one could dance to. But on one particular song a resident started crying. We didn’t want to make a big deal so we marked that song not to play when that resident was there.
  • What kinds of improvements have you seen in residents through the Music and Memory techniques?

    We have seen improvements with the residents regarding Music and Memory. Residents who are usually not engaged with some of the activities nearly jump out of their seats when “their song” comes on. The resident will waive their hands and bob their head. Once, after this happened, we asked the resident if they enjoyed the music and if they remembered the song to which they replied, “Yes!” The song was played at their wedding and they started to tear up.

About Our Memory Care Services in Upper Arlington, OH

Our memory care facility, called the Roxbury, is home to our uniquely designed living space for our residents with memory-related disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

We provide residents with a safe and secure environment that still maintains a homey atmosphere. Our family-oriented layout was constructed with the aspects in mind that we believe our residents and their families would desire: safety, self-esteem, quality, and independence.

The Roxbury inhibits a very warm, kind, and inviting atmosphere where our caretakers strive to reach our top priorities of companionship and respect, while allowing them to tend to our residents’ preferred schedule choices.

While here, you pay the monthly fee for our health center that includes:

  • 24-hour nursing care
  • A cozy family room
  • A secure courtyard
  • A social worker
  • Activity areas
  • An activities director
  • Country kitchens and covered patios
  • Private room with bath
  • Three meals a day and snacks

We also offer rehabilitation services in case any of our residents find themselves in a situation that requires additional attention and support. 

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