Traveling This Holiday Season? Here Are 7 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

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Are you or your loved ones traveling this holiday season? Be sure to keep these safety tips in mind for yourself, or pass them along to your relatives!

1. Plan Ahead and Save!

Not only can planning your trip ahead, and doing proper research, save you money on airlines and hotels, but it can ensure your trip goes smoothly when the big day arrives.

If you are traveling by car, be sure to look into the different route options, and try to avoid those that often have heavy traffic, or warn of construction. Being able to avoid backups can reduce stress and get you to your destination more quickly.

2. Look for Special Discounts and Offerings

Many airlines offer senior discounts that can help you save some much-wanted cash on your travels.

And when you are booking your flights, if you need special dietary options, or are in need of handicap seating, be sure to notify your airline beforehand so they are properly prepared.

Without notifying your air travel provider prior to travel, it could cause flight delays or they may not be able to handle the request to meet your specific requirements.

3. Have Your Rx Ready

Since security is heightened during the holidays, and many seniors need to have their meds on them at all times, be sure you have the proper documentation from your physician on-hand if security calls for it.

Another tip would be to take necessary pills before travel if possible, so you can safely pack them away for travel.

4. Handle Gifts with Care

Sometimes air travel can result in stolen goods from your luggage. And during the holidays, it can be assumed that thieves know that many people will be packing away gifts for the family.

So, if you bought your loved ones anything that could be desirable, it might be best to ship such packages beforehand to your location, just to be cautious!

5. Play It Safe – Invest in Insurance

Many people often skip out on flight insurance when traveling, but when weather hits, and delays and cancellations occur, it’s best to be prepared. For most airlines, when you pay the extra price to be able to cancel quickly, or have the flexibility to change flights with ease, it can make holiday travel much less stressful and bring you the peace of mind that your plans will not have to change too drastically.

6. Alert Loved Ones to Your Itinerary

According to AARP, if you are traveling alone this holiday season, they recommend that you tell your family members the details of your trip. Not only can they arrange accordingly, but if any incidents were to occur, they will be aware of what steps need to be taken.

7. Keep Casual and Dress Comfortably

Whether you are traveling on the road or by plane, it is important that you keep your needs and desires at the forefront of your thoughts. One thing that many people often forget about is that they will likely be sitting for hours – in the car, in the airport waiting rooms, or on the plane itself. So, to ensure that you feel your best, wear your comfiest clothing items such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, and comfortable shoes.

And if you know that your neck might become sore, or you would like to rest while traveling, invest in a travel neck pillow! They are easy to take onto the plane or keep in the car. This way, you can arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go!

Not Traveling This Winter? Share Anyway!

Even if you are staying at home this holiday season, be sure to pass on these helpful tips to your friends and family to ensure that everyone can stay safe and comfortable during the winter season!

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