10 Healthy New Year's Resolutions to Put on Your Checklist for 2018

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Can’t think of any goals or things to work on in the new year? Don’t fret because we’ve created a great list of 10 things that can help you improve physically, mentally, and more!

Resolution #1: Focus on Your Wellness

As cliché as it sounds, a great New Year’s resolution for people of any age is to try to eat better and take on healthier habits!

An easy way to start gaining strength and increased mobility is to just start walking. So try going on walks around the block, or at a park. And watching what you eat is also key for good health. With that in mind, here is a post we wrote about nutrition tips for seniors just like yourself.

Resolution #2: Read More Books

Did you used to love reading growing up? Do you ever feel like you never get a chance to go to the library and explore new books? Luckily for our residents, we have a library right here on campus!

Reading can help your brain stay strong and keep your memory sharp. And if books aren’t really your thing, but you still like to read, check out these blogs.

Resolution #3: Go Golfing More Often

If there’s something Florida is renowned for aside from sunshine and beaches, it’s the great golfing! This year, you can either take some lessons to better your skills, or just head out to the local courses with some friends and see who can score better.

Taking advantage of the gorgeous Bradenton weather is something everyone should surely do in the new year.

Resolution #4: Be More Active Through Adventure and Traveling

Florida not only has great weather, but tremendous places to visit and have fun as well! As a Bradenton resident, you’re in close proximity of other major cities such as Sarasota, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Fort Myers, and Orlando.

And if you decide to venture out of Bradenton and head up to Sarasota, be sure to get some ideas on adventurous things you can do while there from our blog!

Resolution #5: Work on Bettering Your Brain

As we age, it’s important to do what we can to keep our minds sharp! Thankfully, there are many fun ways to do just that. Bettering your brain and mental faculties can be as simple as playing Sudoku or doing crosswords – who says New Year’s resolutions have to be hard?

Resolution #6: Rest Up

While diet and exercise are very important aspects of our health, many forget that nothing really matters more than treating our bodies with care through proper sleep! Not only does sleep allow our body to overcome stress, fight off illnesses, and restore the energy we need, but it is also a huge component of our mental health as well.

Resolution #7: Try New Foods

If you feel like you’re in a diet rut, or are bored of having the same old foods, why not try and venture out from your normal meals and expand your palette! We recently wrote about 35 of our favorite restaurants in Bradenton, which features plenty of new places in the area to try. Some of the spots we highlighted include:


Resolution #8: Get Healthy and Fit by Joining New Clubs

Do you like power walking? What about swimming or cooking? Keep your passions thriving by joining a club that can not only assist you in learning more about your chosen hobby, but also help you meet new friends who share your interests!

Resolution #9: Get Out and About and Explore the Local Area

Bradenton is filled with fun, and being nested right by some other great communities that are full of good restaurants, beaches, parks, and much more it makes sense that so many retirees choose to live here.

Not only are there some hidden treasures that you can stumble upon in our local Gulf area, but there are loads of other great activities in towns such as Terra Ceia!

Resolution #10: Kick Bad Habits to the Curb

It’s something you probably have heard time and time again, but bad habits such as smoking, nail biting, and many others are things you should consider leaving behind in 2017. This can be your year!

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