Event Calendar

See what is happening at Water's Edge of Bradenton.  
Feel free to call if you want to join an event:

April 19th

10:00 Writer ’s Club (HRDJ)
10:00 Women’s Bible Study (HRC)
10:30 Tai Chi (TCA)
12:00 Pizza Delivery

April 20th

9:30 Chair & Balance (GYM)
10:30 Water Fitness (POOL)
11:00 Catholic Communion (HRC)
12:30 Physician Lecture (HRC)
1:00 Mahjong (TCS)
1:30 Chair Yoga (GYM)
2:00 Unforgettable Journeys (TCT)
3:00 AL Food Committee (HRDJ)

April 21 Fan Friday

9:00 Coffee (TCA)
10:00 Creative Writing (HRDJ)
10-11:00 Order a Slice of Pizza
10:30 Men ’s Bible Study (HRCL)
11:15 AL Chair Yoga (HRDJ)
12:15 Active Aging Fitness
1:00 Jewelry Repair (HRDL)
1:00 Chair Zumba (GYM)
1:30 Water Fitness (POOL)
2:00 Bus Trip: Walmart